Apple Betty Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 28% - 33%

Apple Betty is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the tasty Chem's Sister X Sour Apple X Chocolate Diesel. Named for the iconic dessert, Apple Betty packs an amazing flavor and a soaring, giddy high that borders on psychedelic at times. The taste of Apple Betty is exactly what you'd expect, blending together hints of sugary, sweet apple tarts with sour citrus and nutty pastries. The aroma follows the same profile, with a nutty pastry-like overtone accented by sweet, sugary apples and sour citrus. The Apple Betty high will hit you quickly, rushing into your mind with a high-flying sense of euphoria. This happiness will numb the brain with a heady effect, leaving you unfocused and prone to uncontrollable fits of the giggles at times. As your mind soars, you may be hit with a bit of a psychedelic feeling. A heavy couchlock accompanies this boosted high as well. In combination with its insanely high 28-33% average THC level, these effects make Apple Betty a great option for treating a wide variety of conditions including chronic stress, chronic pain, depression or mood swings and nausea or appetite loss. This bud has fluffy and conical bright neon green nugs with vibrant yellow-green undertones, thick orange hairs and chunky, golden-white trichomes.
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