Berry White Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

THC: 19% - 23%

Berry White, also known as "White Berry" to many cannabis connoisseurs, is a indica dominant strain that is the "celebrity child" of the insanely popular Blueberry X White Widow strains. Despite its indica parentage, Berry White exhibits effects from both indica and sativa strains, leading to a balanced effect that offers relaxation and mind relief with a sense of euphoria. Users describe the Berry White high as one that is fast hitting, leading to an immediate feeling of relaxation and a widespread warming sensation. These feelings peak after about an hour, before fading into freely flowing meditative thoughts and a feeling of mellow couch-lock and the munchies. Due to these effects, Berry White is an ideal strain for treating conditions such as chronic pain and stress as well as insomnia. Berry White buds have dense, popcorn shaped nugs that are a dark olive green with deep blue and rich purple undertones and a spattering of curly purple leaves. It is flecked with long thin dark olive green hairs and is absolutely caked in an almost overwhelming layer of thick crystal trichomes, paying tribute to its White Widow parentage. This dank bud has an aroma of tangy sweet blueberry and a taste of sweet blueberry cake.
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This high is a creeper and sneaks up slow and steady, has a pronounced pine herbal diesel berry taste to it that reminds me of the holidays sort of. The high is also quite drawn out and slow to dissipate. If you blaze this during the day do not expect to get much done. It is a mostly indica hybrid with a head high like a sativa that is heavy like the indica it is; tends to weigh the upper body down on the lower body for a duration before transitioning to a light airy high that is solely in the head, neck and some of the upper shoulders mostly which is uncommon for an indica dominant hybrid but not unheard of. Not a harsh toking strain. This is not recommended for beginners and is more suited for an evening/ nighttime session right after a hard day's work or just to relax and end the day on a good note. 25% THC in the batch I obtained; excellent painkilling and relaxing properties.

I really like the taste and the smell of the Barry White the buzz was really really nice had no problem sleeping...

Idk how people like this strain. Def one of my most avoided. It's a very generic strain imo. The potency and flavor are just not there to me. Bland high.

Super smooth & really quiets the noise in your head while providing an uplifting interlude. Not sure about the "100% Indica" part but the rest of the description is dead-on. Tastes of cream & pine with hints of lime. Low doses = good for focus & mood lift; higher doses are more sedating. A strain for all occasions.

This strain is super smooth. Really quiets the noise in your head while providing a happy interlude. Not sure of the "100% indica" claims as Leafly has it down as an Indica-dominant hybrid, but the rest of the description is spot-on. Lower doses are happy & focused while I imagine it could get pretty sedating in larger amounts. Great all-purpose weed. Tastes of cream & pine with a hint of lime.

AKA: white berry & blue widow. Berry White I had was a Hybrid by Passiflora that contained 21% THC. The dense, moss green buds were encrusted with small crystal trichomes & had lots of short tan pistils. Taste & smell was a sweet berry pine. With this Hybrid I got even balanced effects. Happy & uplifted followed by relaxation. Medicate On!!

I Immediately Felt Euphoria...!

By far my favorite strain. High in Vitamin THC!! Never disappointed with Berry White.

This partially regards the preceding review. While this guy's username is disgusting, the man has a good point about the nomenclature (naming) of this strain. Yes, Berry White=White Berry=Blue Widow=Blue Venom-- they are all one and the same! Using AllBud's strain profiles for the parent strains White Widow (60:40 sativa to indica) and Blueberry (20:80 sativa to indica), Berry White should be close to 40:60 sativa to indica, making it slightly indica-dominant. This jibes with my impression from smoking this strain. The buds are very dense and popcorn shaped, usually small to medium small in size. The smell is almost identical to Blueberry's smell but slightly sharper. The buds are highly resinous throughout and certainly loaded with plenty of THC. The high is fairly balanced but definitely leans indica. It kicks in pretty quick after smoking, sometimes with a bit of an early cerebral rush, but soon mellowing into a more relaxed, low key vibe without being overly sedating. I would call this a great multi-purpose strain for most people.

Berry White goes by 4 different names or aka.........1. Berry White 2. White Berry 3. Blue Widow 4. Blue Venom. All of these are Blueberry x White Widow, yet on allbud it says different indica/sativa 50:50, 65:35, 75:25 and one just says people consider it a 100:0 ratio.......and its the same with leafly and other sites......what are you to believe? When they are all the same lineage everything should be the same across the board. Its great but I just had to address this.

Relieves spasticity, muscle spasms and pain, headache, nerve pain (a rare gift), anxiety and depression, while also bringing on a cerebral euphoria (another rare gift). I can relax and nap, or work, or be creative. Near perfect.

Happy, mellow, chill, & sleepy were the effects. Sweet berry with a little blueberry & pine were the smells & tastes. Firm medium green & golden yellow buds with light brown pistils. Fine amber hairs & small trichomes cover the buds. Cultivated by Sun Kissed Flower with 18% THC. Strain AKA White Berry & Blue Widow. Best for relaxation. 420 Out!

Well as many reviewers have said at first look the thick dense buds looked and smelled like Blueberry. Once broken up the smell was all Blueberry. The flavor was a floral sweet berry. It was not what I expected. It was different and okay, but I’d rather just mix blueberry with widow than have this Hybrid. Looks and smells great, but overall not a flower I would grow or buy again.

besides the scratch in my throat from coughing my soul away, it did the job, or maybe I just coughed myself stoned..

Not that great, the blubbery overpowers the widow in this cross. Like usual crossing with blueberry is ruining a perfectly good strain. The bluberry makes it hard to believe there is any white widow in this cross at all.

Not my favorite but does the job

Berry White iz awesomeness, personally I dont smoke indoz bkuz I dont like to sleep and eat all day but for the feelings this gives you and the pain it absolutely killz, its #1 right now for me. I only bought this strain bkuz the price was right but I will seek it out now.

Another all time favorite of mine, it makes me so happy and euphoric. Then towards the end of the high, I'm ready to just curl up in bed and relax.

My favorite kind of bud! Very soothing and relaxing. Gives you the "its all good" additude

Tastes like that old school cereal Boo Berry! Straight fire!

Really good bud. First time trying it, highly recommend it.

very relaxing and smooth

Very nice smoke and very first time I tried it.

Very good goes great with honey berry backwoods

This is the Viagra MJ. Smoke just enough and she will love you longtime, hence the name "BERRY WHITE or BARRY WHITE" Enjoy!

It started with me coughing my di@k off and then i instantly felt like i was in prison and i dropped the soap then after an hour of rape i fell asleep

I love this strain. Like its namesake, it's smooth and deep. Yeeaah baby! 😤 A top indica for sure, whether smoked or vaped. The taste is sweet fruit candy, berries, though bong, when vaped it's pure candy heaven. The effects are what one wants from an indica, but at first it's more cerebral and euphoric, before it slowly settling into a very chilled and munchied mode. A great strain for binge watching, I can smoke it all day...if I have nothing to do😉

GOOD STUFF ....Will Take Good Care of your mind and body ..enjoy the Fresh Berry Smell and taste ....

This is a good strain, love Indica

i had the oil and i loved it.

Took 3 hits off my vape pen & I'm zooted! Nice looking weed & smells great too. I highly recommend!!

🍀🍒 Berry White is a unique and awesome hybrid. Very balanced and not too heavy, this strain provides a winning combination of effects. The flavor has a very earthy taste and subtle berry undertone to it. Fantastic smoke and even better high. Relaxing at first, then the mood lift sets in. Perfect in the evening or for any social situation. This strain has personally inspired a couple of creative works and deserves some recognition as a legend. If you generally don't like indicas, I want you to forget what you think you know and give Berry White a try. You're welcome.

Im enjoying this strain. Blueberry is one of my fav flavors. Sweet...and well white wiidow hmmm ? Ok..feelin.... smooth.gonna do dishes..for now

Smoked while listening to some bird songs and chanting on public radio, was magically transported into a cloud of light blue waves - feeling so chill - then got to work on some posters featuring a bunch of eggs and a labyrinth- super duper chill--- better than OG kush IMHO. Thanks

simply beautiful experience

This bud is Sweet!!!

"Taste of sweet blueberry cake" lmao

Berry White is an entirely different strain than White Berry. The parents listed here are correct, but the genetics of White Berry are completely different. This is a very common misconception.

Sweet nice potent taste

Got this at Freedom Market in Kelso, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: PhatPanda Strain: Berry White True Hybrid -- Potency Analysis: TTL 26.5% THC 0.7% CBD 0.2% THCA 29.4% -- Cost: $15/1 gram conical joint -- The smell of this pre-roll is sweet and pungent. It's really deep, with layers of bright scents - even in a pre-roll. -- The flavor was fantastic, Berry-licious like some of the dankest Blueberry you ever had - lots of pop and fresh blue flavor - with a back-end like luscious sweet dank. This was amazing and the flavor lasted on my lips for an hour or more. -- Party! This pot makes me want to dance and have fun and laugh and socialize! This upbeat and uplifting head high is accompanied with some great body feels like waves of fantastic running through you. -- This joint was smoked in three different sessions, and four different people got high from it. You can't argue with that.

Where is the taste? It was a great high, but the taste isn't there, nor the smell. It was a pre-roll Phat panda of this strain and not actual nugs, The weed looks good and tastes better out of the pre-roll. But I was told berry and I felt like I got the more earthy tone on this one. Still good head high for an indica which is kind of odd, It is relaxing and does make you want to just chill out. It gave me a sort of ansty feeling of wanting to get up and run around but body was saying NO.

Plush berry is its mom,white widow its dad.blueberry is its step mom.

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