Blue Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 25% - 28%, CBD: 2%

There is some dispute over the true parents of this indica-dominant award winner: Some sources claim they're F1Durb (an indica-dominant descendant of Durban Poison) and Florida OG (a little known indica). Others say they're Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. Whatever its origins, Blue Cookies has a sativa/indica ratio of between 10:90 and 30:70. That makes for a potent body buzz, although the sativa genes also provide an energized cerebral effect. Use this strain to treat anxiety, low mood, headaches, irritability, and persistent physical pain. Blue Cookies won the Cannabis Cup in the medical hybrid category based largely on its whopping THC content, measured at more than 28%. The record holder is still less than 30%, which means this strain is one of the strongest on the market. CBD, on the other hand, makes up less than 2% of this plant's cannabinoid content, so Blue Cookies shouldn't be used as an exclusive treatment for seizures or other health problems that respond to CBD. As the name suggests, this strain's dense nugs have a dark bluish tint, as well as a thick layer of resinous crystals on the surface. The flavor is sweet and smooth, with notes of orange, earth, and candy. The smell is sweet and reminiscent of cookies. Blue Cookies is popular on the West Coast but much harder to find in other parts of the United States.

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Blue Cookies is in my top 10 all time favorites! Love the effects of this strain and is such a great mood booster. Also great for pain and depression. I pick up Blue Cookies every single chance I get.

Dam. Spicy (painkiller), blueberry (relaxed) and the kind I smoked had a hint of cheese (happy). Really liked this strain. Looked pretty with big bluish buds. Yummy.

Some fire cant even lie. Had me euphoric at first then the mellowness set in and I was feeling completely at bliss. Also knocked me tf out.

Excellent mellow high head and body

Good for insomnia very relaxing. It's a very nice strain I give it a šŸ‘

I am 67 and a long time smoker. Blue Cookies is very good! I got an ounce and I will get it next time as well. Pain is relieved, relaxed, happy and hungry. Not harsh with good flavor and aroma. Great for insomnia!

Pretty good High from it but a little bit harsh on the throat also I feel like I get a bit of a headache with it if Iā€™m smoking it all day

Not a fan to harsh for me and lack of flavor and buzz 1st strain I found that Im happy to try the once.āœŒļø

I wish you could give half stars. This is a very good strain particularly for pain gastric issues, anxiety, medical properties are great as with many cookies varieties. Not a couch lock for me, but helpful(Half star comment) nonetheless. I definitely recommend it. Flavor or sweet earthy citrus berry. Aroma to match. good medicine.

I rate this 5 stars because the high is super strong!! 25-29% thc is great to smoke daily. Its budget priced as well. It kills my pain instantly and very euphoric. Do si dos is almost as good imo in the cookie family

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