Do-Si-Dos Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 28% - 30%

Do-Si-Dos is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through crossing the potent Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Named for the favorite Girl Scout Cookie, Do-Si-Do has a sweet addicting minty cookie flavor that you won't be able to get enough of. Just be warned – with its super powerful 28-30% THC level it's easy to overdo it. The smell of Do-Si-Do is just as intoxicating as the flavor, with a sweet minty aroma that's accented by fresh lime and pine. Once you get past the flavor, the effects are just as addicting. The Do-Si-Do high hits you fast and hard with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for only a few moments before fading into a happy stoney introspection. As your mind falls deeper and deeper into itself, a warming body buzz will start to wash over you, first moving down your spine before extending through your limbs, leaving you helplessly sedated and completely couch-locked. With these hard-hitting effects, Do-Si-Do is said to be perfect for the experienced user suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and depression. Do-Si-Do buds have conical olive green nugs with bright amber hairs, purple leaves, and a sticky coating of sweet syrupy resin that coats each and every bright frosty white trichome.
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I absolutely love this strain! It’s perfect for relaxing at the end of the day and just melting into your couch.

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Relaxing, SleepyHelp Me With: Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress

This is truly my favorite strain. The perfect balanced Indica / Sativa ratio is the best. That first hit after smoking will quickly go to the head, stress melts away and suddenly the chore or work you have to do becomes a simple task that you almost enjoy. The stone becomes more and more relaxing, great for movies or anything low impact. I really enjoy a midnight walk along my favorite trail. The taste and scent are definitely the first thing to impress with this modest/high 20%THC average strain.

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Body High, Calming, HappyHelp Me With: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Multiple SclerosisAromas: Citrus, Grassy, Menthol, PungentFlavors: Grassy, Lemon, Menthol, Mint

One of the best strains for insomnia I have ever smoked. Great long lasting body high and calming effect.

Consumption Method: Vape PensEffects I Feel: Long Lasting, Relaxing, SleepyHelp Me With: Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

What can I say it’s a offspring of GSC what more can you love? I had this in vape form from drip in Michigan. I have severe bipolar and my brain chemistry is always changing daytime and nighttime strains. As I wrote this D-si-dos is a daytime strain for me. I love indicas for days. Do-si-dos is giving me a great clear uplifted head high along with a nice body throughout the body that seems to melt all the tension away. So if you are like me or just use for nighttime you CAN’T go wrong with this beautiful strain. Hell I love just about anything from the GSC lineage!

Consumption Method: Vape PensEffects I Feel: Body High, Cerebral, EuphoriaHelp Me With: Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Mood Swings

This was the first strain I tried when I went to amsterdam. We went to abraxas and to be honest it was the most interesting strain on the menu. I only knew it was an indica dominant strain (wich are my favorite usually) but it ended up being one of the strongest strains we tried! Even better than some cali! Definitely having it again when the opportunity presents!

Been getting this on and off here in South Africa. Smokes beautifully, very gassy/petrol-y taste when smoked in a J. This is likely from the Face Off OG, but very tasty and never gets old. Should work well for anxiety (I don't suffer from it but it does mellow you out nicely; in-line with it's 70% Indica parentage) and will definitely be a 'before bed smoke' for a good night's rest. One of my favourites of the Cookies line and up there with Strawberry Banana for high quality smoke, terps and stone.

I had to put this one out. Amazing flavor and euphoria!!!!

Can never go wrong with this flavor, will always be a top pick for me, helps with anxiety, pain, and nausea. Smoked in the day works great to relax and vibe with friends. At night wonderful for some Hulu and chill, 😊

Out of all the cookies strains this may be the best. The OG kush breath blends beautifully with the Face Off OG. The face off’s instant euphoric blast is completely reinforced by the ogkb. Waves of bliss and relaxation run down your body. The taste is sweet,minty, rich earthy, stick to your ribs kind of smoke. Instantly potent medicine. This batch was 31+% thc with 3+ % terps. Must try for any indica hybrid lover.

AMAZING!... This bud is beautiful. So many purples, yellows, and orange. So sweet, might raise my blood sugar. Lol. Has an aroma of straight up fruity pebbles. Will always grab this one if I see it. A must try.

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