Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 28%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain can reach THC levels of up to 28%, meaning it's one of the most potent strains available to medical marijuana patients. This strain provides the best aspects of both sativa and indica, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy. Girl Scout Cookies tastes sweet and earthy, and it smells much the same. It's most effective at treating anxiety, stress, and depression, though it's also good for appetite. Dry mouth is the only likely adverse effect, though others are possible. This strain began as a crossbreed of OG Kush and a near-even hybrid; (Durban Poison X F1). Girl Scout Cookies first appeared in California and is now one of the most popular strains in North America, where sells best on the West Coast and in Michigan. The high lasts for hours, making Girl Scout Cookies a good deal in most places. It can be difficult to grow, but it's fast becoming a staple among home cultivators.
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Classic strain you just can't go wrong with. Very unique high and flavor, it tastes of spicy, nutty, and earthy cherries with a hint of doughy, vanilla funk, and it provides an extremely strong high equal in mind and body, with a heart racing, lightening head rush followed by whole body relaxation and tingling, senses heightened and pleasure enhanced, not too much heavy sedation, but there is a bit of a crash. The head rush definitely has the potential to induce intense paranoia in the right settings, especially if too much is done in one sitting, but as long as you take it slow, or have a high tolerance, this is a real treat and just a classic, stereotypical high that leaves you blissed, vibed up, and hungry.

Extremely positive and great vibes with this! Rare to get where i live but once in my vaping device this stuff is absolutely delightful strain on all aspects. Taste is superb, helps with pain, insomnia and mood swings. Few extra hits and you’re sleeping like a baby 🪐💫🇱🇹

Some of my favorite weed when it comes to smell and taste. The high is strong and can make you trip out in large doses and put you in another dimension. Good hybrid high and will make things more enjoyable. Euphoric high.

Its a great cross of strains. I love the durban poison rush at the start then classic og indica effects everytime. I had a phenotype here in Socal that was monstrous. Even if the grower sucks it'll still get you high :)

Major relief from chronic severe pain. Unpained, euphoric and blissful a couple of hours. Good for sleep too .

GSC is my absolute fave! Whether it’s the strain itself or a diff strain with it in its lineage I will always stock up bc this strain is one of the highest terped strains I’ve come across. I’ve smoked it and even used it in FECO oil which was AMAZING and the terps in it was insane too. Like 13% terps in the feco oil but either way it was like no other terp profile I’d ever seen. If you are seeking a strain packed with terps and medicinal benefits this is a go to. I have Multiple Scllerosis, trigeminal & occipital neuralgia, and sciatica and this strain along with wedding cake are my TOP choices for great terped Medical strains.

I love the euphoric effects of GSC and I just scored high quality Girl Scout Cookies shatter from The Plug NYC.

This is my favorite strain for many reasons and my 1 WAB, she starts out strong on the saliva side with the F1 shining through followed by a very stoney but not to heavy cerebral and body high, sex is amazing and music never sounds better and without another rip the OG side takes me to Lala land and I can sleep with the ac keeping me cool at least 8 hours of good sleep

I just acquired medicinal grade GSC and agree with the comments below....distracting but ralaxing, good pain killing. My shaking has reduced....and I needed something strong and long lasting due to tolerance. Very nice another tool in the box on the way to recovery :)

I’ve had a strange several times in the past couple years and I’m never disappointed very relaxing and it relieves pain.

I am a huge Cookie fan. I have the Clone Only Forum Cut genetics and it gives the perfect high. I've grown close to, well a hell of alot strains in my 36 years of growing and for the high it gives it's my favorite. It can be a little touchy to grow it's known to throw bananas with very little stress as well as it's offspring. I've grown Thin Mint, Bud Depots version and many of it's offsprings but prefer Forum. I force stressed one to get it to Herm just a bit and crossed it with several of my other strains. The best being a cross with White Fire 3 absolutely amazing. Wish I could post pics of it.

This is one of my absolute favorites hands down !! . I have also had Grandma Bubby's Cookies from Harmony Dispensary in Jersey City which was pretty damn close and just as good IMO but I love them both. If you have stomach issues (appetite), joint pain, depression issues, too much God awful medication?? ,lol, it (Girl Scout) or GSC will definitely help you out. I'm not a doctor but I damn sure am a partaker and advocate. Thanks and Best Wishes to you all.

I absolutely love this strain! I get euphoric, calm, hungry and usually end up sleeping well. Girl Scout Cookies is definitely one of my favorites!

One of the best crosses I'll say. I like both duban poison sativa and og kush. Starts out heavy blast to your head then finishes indica couch style. This and gorilla glue are my favorites. I wish I could post these perfectly cured nugs here. Purple leaves, orange pistols and heavy frosted. This stuff will get you high everytime

The Infamous GSC has to be one of the strongest hybrid strains. It smells earthy with hints of mint when broken up, super dense sticky buds. The high is happy and uplifting for a few mins then the high sets in with the indica effects couch lock and munchies definitely one of the greats 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

There isn't much to say on GSC that hasn't already been said. Classic strain which was by far the best I had gotten for almost a decade. In recent years there are strains out there that are better, but GSC remains a favorite, with its perfect balance of powerful physical and psychedelic effects and sweet cookie flavor. Most of those strains' genetics are derived from GSC anyway.

Came across this GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) during my travels through Northern California, San Francisco to be exact. This was a very very popular strain for quite some time, and for good reason. This is an excellent strain with a sweet earthy goodness taste about it. It both smells delicious and tastes delicious when vaped. What I remember most about my GSC sessions was that I liked them in the beginning, and also into the plateau, but part-way through the plateau and into the downslope/comedown I was overwhelmed by that heavy Indica couch-lock that I hate.

I've been growing this baby for the first time this year, I did prepare several month before under 16 hour lamp from January till end of march before let her breed the outdoor. I did put her in a 500 L pot which make a hell of a difference coming to pot size. I'm 10 days max away from harvest and she look like a beast. Approx 1kg plant Product used: Vegetation stage - THC down - Organic Grow - Root stimulator Flowering stage, Top Crop Brand: - Top crop Candy - Top crop Bloom - Master Bloom Spray twice with concentrate Cordalene anti caterpillar. Pace

such a nice name for such a killer strain. It wont take much of this to put u on your ass. I highly recommend, and if u are gonna vape take no more then 3 puffs thats all u will need

I have grown this strain for 7 years now. Outdoor in central cali. These plants can get hella tall depending on pot size. Mine are in 10 gallon and are 8 feet or better from the ground to top. I bend the tops to create a canopy and tie the limbs down to grow more cola's. Good luck with all your grows and peace!

Ahh, Girl scout cookies or simply GSC. My favourite strain, i could never be tired of smoking this flower. My review will go easy and simple. this strain its a must try, not for my hype, but because it lives by its name. If someone offers you GSC, dont argue or hesitate, just go for it. The smell is craving as hell, the buds look astonishing, green and orange tones with frosty leaves. the taste is delicious with mint flavored tones and cookie, the effects are a perfect balance between relaxation and euphoria. so you have a flower with a big name, looks amazing, smells amazing, tastes amazing and leaves you in space like no other strain. Dont miss it. Green seal of approval? of course with a must-try title in it.

Girl Scout Cookies is medicine. Anxiety, nausea & depression are all common afflictions I deal with, but every single time I need relief Girl Scout Cookies has NEVER let me down. I can't recall trying any other strains that have the theraputic properties of this one. In my humble opinion, the perfect hybrid. 5/5 every time.

So here's the deal: don't take 3 bong rips of this if you're brand new to smoking weed, or haven't smoked in a long time. Otherwise, everything will start spinning, you will lose sense of who you are, and you will throw up half a bag of potato chips and ruin your friend's bonfire. After that, the next 24 hours was an energized bliss. Got a lot done.

Recently grabbed an 1/8th of this from a dispensary in PA (grower was Ilera @ 26% THC) and can certainly say it's a very calming strain and good fo anxiety. Definitely has me munchin' more than usual too. WIll be buying again

Good strain for unwinding and chillin on the couch. I wouldn't say it helps insomnia, I've only smoked this 3 times, but it may help you with it. Solid strain.

Excellent numbers for chronic pain. A bit of munchie madness maybe too. CHRONIC SHOULDER ARTHRITIS PAIN is why I use cannabis. My pharmacist just dropped this off & within minutes of use, the BAD PAIN from Arthritis gets down to a tolerable level. Then almost like it was made just for pain, the brain says AHHHHH !!! feels better. Enjoy !!!

I don't usually say this, but I LOVE this strain. It is like a nice soft hug at the end of a bad day. It is great for neuropathy and arthritis pains, and helpful for anxiety and depression. The taste is amazing. One of my faves. It tastes almost like a gingersnap cookie. I caught hints of ginger and clove. Wonderful.

We had a great experience! Fun time as well

As an MMJ patient age '62 w/a neuro disorder, my issue post surgery these days is chronic pain.. So, I search for the strains designed for that. Currently, I've been dosing w/2 Hybrids, "Cherry Pie" & "Skywalker", both great strains.. Today, an old favorite was purchased that is now a part of this arsenal of meds to help my situation.. I also like to vary strains when I daily dose. Kinda like cycling to maintain the lift. Just a small bowl of GSC's & WOW. A great cerebral body enhancement.. A really powerful smoke not for the light user.. I've been smoking since age 15 & that was back in '73.. This is one of my favorites along w/Gorilla Cookies & old school "Colombian/Acapulco Gold..

As a patient, that deals with daily migraines, this is the ideal strain to address that, hands down! It does have that sweet cookie-like smell, very tasty!

Jus grabbed 6 ounces of G.S.C. from GrassRoots and I must say i'm very impressed! Beautiful purple and orange dense as a rock enormous buds that are so sweet and kinda taste and smells like some kind of chocolatey bread lol! Very enjoyable.

Sure never have seen this strain surpass even 24%. But being said this is one strain you can rely on to do its job.

The first long toke …… airy, sweet, strong rush and near immediate high then smoothed out into a good comfortable feeling.

Love the high i get from this strain. Eases my mind and relieves my pain. Vape it in the day time to get me through tasks, and in the night time it gets even better as it lures me to sleep, perfect for my insomnia. Long lasting high, very cerebral. I always grab some whenever it comes around.

This is now one of the top 3 of mine now. This is a nice cerebral and body high. I lean more towards indica for pain, my is CO2 concentrate 85 percent THC. Time for a movie, time to kick back this is a veterans strain for sure.

Great one of my top 3. Basically as good as get for a strong relaxing blaze.

Pros: I found GSC to help me feel very relaxed in social situations. It helped me very well with my social anxiety. I was more talkative & friendly. If I said something dumb it didn't bother me...I didn't feel embarrassed. The high was definitely more elevating than other strains. Cons: If I was tired or exhausted it made it put me to sleep so I tried not use it when I was tired or going to bed. It also gave me some munchies but not overly. It did give me a very dry mouth. I also experienced couch lock. The high did not last longer in the sense of consistently the same level of elatement but it did last for a few hours but the high gradually became a lazy high...which I did not really care for. All in all its a good strain but not necessarily one of my favs ..but I would use it again- especially for socializing.

Fast acting feel happy hazy and lazy its cool in my memory bank

This is just one of those classic, totally awesome strains out of Southern Cali that always seems to be at least good and many times great at the clinics. This stuff I have right now is just amazing. Super tight nugs that smell great and look awesome when busted open. Big white crystals inside the nugs. They are beautiful and tasty. The high is really awesome. It's definitely a mix of the Indica and the sativa but with zero anxiety sativas can cause me. At first you feel nothing and it doesn't really creep. It just clobbers you in the head 5 minutes after smoking and doesn't let up for 3 hours. Always a popular strain at the clinics and with THC hitting 28% I'm all in on the GSC's!

One of my favorite strains. I love bringing it with me on fishing trips. It tastes great.

I suffer from a slew of medical issues, including the most frustrating one which is insomnia. Not being able to get a decent night's sleep compounds all of the other problems I deal with on the regular. GSC is one of those strains that helps my pain, anxiety, depression and it puts me to sleep at night. It also doesn't make me cough my head off like some other strains do, whether it's in my PAX 3 or being smoked from a bowl. I only gave it 4 stars because its not always easy to find in my area and it's expensive - $65 for an 1/8th.

top ear nose and throat doctors eye doctors in charleston wv love and other drugs

One of the best strains u can find if u haven't smoked it u r missing out... perfect Indica leaning hybrid that will put u down if u smoke a good of best smelling looking smoking strains available get if u can

Medical State User - I always give a review of a good quality product. If a dispensary is bad, I give them the bad marks not the strain. Better have an above average tolerance. Cause it may be easy to over dose and this may be too much. Like on The TV show Disjointed, and the guy was trying weed the first time, and they cave him GSC. As this is used more for depression cause it works. for me. I right away smells like thin mints. Once I tasted this stuff it even tasted like thin mints. Also when I am anxious due to high THC I smoke some CBD strain to fix that.

So focused, yet not anxious. Was a great buzz for being relaxed and productive. I always grab some when it comes around. #mymedicine

Great for asthma!!!

Peppery citrusy taste when smoked. Definitely peppery sweet smelling buds. A little harsh when smoked, but not bad. No skunk in the smell or taste. Very little lung expansion. Light green, dense, dry buds with lots of light orange "hairs" and crystals. It takes about 5 minutes to start feeling the buzz and it lasts about 3-4 hours. I am a daily medicinal user. Works very well for pain, anxiety, depression, and appetite. Good for sleep too. It makes me a little goofy and definitely gives me the munchies and makes me thirsty. Can be used during the daytime if you don't have REALLY SERIOUS shit to do, but is more of an evening relax and laugh a little after work bud. Overall experience review: A solid 8.5/10 to this long-time old school head! :)

Highest THC medical strain in Maryland so far. 30% until it turns to CBN will be more like the above. Which is my favorite, though I have no met one that I do not like :) Now in Maryland we also have GSC CBD Strain which has close to a 1:1 ratio also.

Amazing this bud kept me sweet all night you can learn more about growing marijuana from an everyday blog post or order marijuana online from my favorite online store visit piccosalesbuds

Amazing this bud is my staple every time it comes around

I love this strain great choice for smoking with friends, strong euphoria while relaxing at the same time.

I picked this up today at Silver Stem (near Sandy) in Portland, OR. ONe of my favorite shops. Grower is HIgh Winds Farm, and my budtender said they produce quality stuff. He wasn't kidding! My first thought after vaping a smidge was, "Where have you been all my life?" It clocks in at 27.5% THC (CBD = 0.18%), too. One small bowl lasted me 4-1/2 hours. Really -- and this ain't my first time at the rodeo, either. It has gorgeous, tight and green buds with saffron-colored tendrils, all covered in a hazy frost. The buds feel a bit dry yet resin-y when crumbled. The fragrance is a cross between minty and piney. Vapes quite nicely -- pretty smooth on the throat, and the mint comes out in the mouth, too. And oh that high... --Alert without the revved up feeling of a pure sativa strain. Great for my depression. --Relaxing feeling, but not sleepy. Great for my anxiety. --I feel relaxed and solid inside (not my normal scattered, fretful and insecure self) This version didn't give me the munchies or couch lock. I think it would be great for wake and bakers, for getting your mind right for a long day at work -- no way I'd keep it just for evening. No matter when you do it, I highly recommend it.

I got gsc again and this time it was less fluffy and less “large looking” , but more sticky, heavier, and more of a knock out strain. It is less creative than the fluffy gsc I had last time. The og is more dominant, it smelled very strong and more like og and a little less like a silver strain. Perfect compact buds similar to thin mints, with a little initial mint taste. It was even discounted, I am guessing just because it turned out so good, it was a very easy trim. The price was so fair lol, “bloom” are saints. This strain seems to have a lot of variability, but every time I get it, it is better than the last time. Variety is king especially when one has a tolerance, but I would get this strain again and again. It is definitely relaxing and a smoother ride than other strains. I would like to try a cross of this with chem dog, it may be called Chem scout.

I have been growing, and finally juicing GSC for a long tome now, and can state that while it did not CURE my cancer, it wasn't until I started juicing the whole leaf and using it daily, that my PSA numbers began to decline, so now they are wholly undetectable. I cannot ascribe these results specifically to GSC, I am happy to accept the absence of any cancer markers.

Girl scout cookies is a favorite of mine. You get a nice intense light as thin air feel. However you are able to control your moved with precision. Ladies love the light deep moves & the man lives this too. Makes lasting moves take hours of excitement. Intense!

I have been true to Girl Scout Cookies for several years. Absolutely the best med strain I've had. I have serious anxiety and depression issues. This strain allows me to sit back, relax, and decide things aren't really so bad. <3

Love this strain.. besides the staggering cerebral effects, it leaves the body with a sense of weightlessness. Smoke taste like a you’ve been chewing on coffee beans all morning, Ethiopia Yergacheffe if it was my preference ;) 12/10

I've personally tried dozens of strains by now, and this one has to be my absolute favorite! It's very smooth to smoke with an amazing taste, and the high is the strongest I've ever had. Definitely psychedelic effects in it too, and perfect for calming my anxiety. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sweet taste, aroma similar to cedarwood, relaxing effect. Spectacularly effective painkiller. Gave me a minor dry eye issue, but there were no other real drawbacks. Very good winding-down strain.

More like master kush but denser buds and sweet cookie smell. Definitely very good and consistent but not quite in my top 5. This strain looked nice and healthy but it wasn’t as memorable as some other strains. This strain has a slight peppery or spicy note different than most strains. This strain was not very reminiscent of an OG, lemon strain, pine strain, purple, or blue. it might be a good change of pace from those. The high was sweet and innocent. This is a great beginner strain. It’s a classic, it’s mostely just relaxing.

This is a potent strain right here! The Flower and cartridges of GSC are easily rewarded A+!

The best happy euphoric strain you can get! My strain is called RGL Private Reserve. The potency analyses is only 20.57% and I can barely type right man. It looks miswritten. It's just dank! The taste is AWSOME. LA Confidential is close in my book for potency. If I haven't ,, not that I'm trying to give Marijuana a bad name? I haven't done Heroin for about a decade and when I take a bong hit it feels like I haven't had a shot of dope in over 12 hours. It's the euphoric attributes. Of ALL the strains this one I again don't mean to give Mary Jane a bad name> as for "getting high" this one is both AWSOME for medical and just the classic word "getting Baked" Sleep is AWSOME! OK I'm gonna quit typing now I just realized I've been @ this for 30 minutes now so this is your damn proof! ;P Yes all the cookie strains are classic. Untouchable. OMG LMFAO it's evening and I just put my Gatorade in the damn microwave and my steak sandwich in the other hand man! This strain gets a MILLION STARS if I could!

Best smoke out there!

Wonderful plant to grow indoors providing flowers of sweetness that people love to get their hands on! One of the best hybrid strains around.

Excellent review, my dude. Exactly what I came here to find out. You rock, bro 😘😎🖖🏻

No anxiety or paranoia. Great for evening smoking. Helps with my mood, appetite, sleep.

This review is for the Nextracts Product Girl Scout Cookie Live Resin shatter... Best thing I've ever smoked

Didn't like didn't really help so much!!

I am going to give it a try this year! Hope this makes me happy!! From what I am hearing, I sure will!

My absolute favorite strain!! 10/10

One of my favorites. It takes care of all your problems!

Top ten favorite bud I’ve smoked still have some gonna try not to smoke it haha

Best strain for my depression& aniexty. Very relaxing& calming affects.

Loved this strain. Not sure where the name came from but the relaxing high the best. It starts off very cerebral, but after about 30 min it creeps from your brain into your body. It's great to fall a sleep to. It relieves all my pain and stress. If you don't smoke to much you can function for a little while, but I find it best to end the day with

When I smoke one, I ask myself where's the tar? very strange not to have sticky, oozy, greasey tar. I'm just asking the obvious

Can't go wrong with GS COOKIES. Have PTSD, CROHNS, ANXIETY, insomnia and bladder disease and it helps so much with the pain and makes me feel giddy.

it doesn't look like the girl scout cookies i got. The buds in mine were small and hard to tear apart. I'm looking for an old school Maui Wowwy strain

It helps my nerve pain and provides a nice long lasting high,I love the indica component though it is still a strong sativa.

A definite top 5 strain for me, smells and tastes like cookies, a perfect indica hybrid. This batch is 80% indica, and 26.9% according to label, from WA state. The high comes on strong and fast, euphoric, relaxing, all pain killing for me, including nerve pain. Anxiety and depression go. Nausea goes. Perfect strain. Medicinally or recreationally, it's a must try. Worth all the praise she gets.

A wonderful display of a sativa hybrid. The euphoria is greater than the body high but not by much, living up to the ratio it claims. A strong, incredible strain.

It mixes well with my medical and my endocannabinoid system. Great for anxiety combined with some meditation.

Great taste. Average buzz.

Top 5 strains. Works great for PTSD,anxiety and depression. Anytime of day

I enjoy this one. You get a little mint taste and works well.

Cinnamon sweet love em.

One of my favorite flavors. Love the taste and the high from this strain.

This stuff is incredible. . As High as High can get. yummy taste A++++++

One of the best ever

Nice.....mellow and calming. Good way to leave work at work.

Brilliant love it.

Nice cerebral high.... Not for newbies. The taste and smell is awesome

I love this strain. Its relaxing and euphoric and everything is so darned funny. Gotta love it :)

Nice head buzz........Nasty dry mouth

This Strain Rocks! Works Great for knocking out Pain without the pHARMa residuals... Enjoy your Life......Again!!! Cannabis is a Life Changer People!

Very nice strain. I get it online and its gotten delivered via medmann dot com

I love the creativity I get when playing Tennis but it slows my timing. It's best feature is how horny I get.

Gsc is fantastic by itself. Total mind warp and relaxation. I had some blended with super lemon haze to make a lemon cookie! This is some of the best smoke around.

Good.. but not the best. Bubba kush from butte county rocks the bud world.

Really tasty 🍪👌🏻

Good stuff. Fun high. Music sounds terrific. I created a salad with GSK and OG Kush. It was awesome.

Smoked it many times a enjoyable strain, but far from my number one. Rather have wax or edibles from this strain.

🍪🍫 Girl Scout Cookies are even better than the actual cookies. It's no wonder the west coast won't touch anything but cookies these days. This hybrid is amazing. It will get you completely stoned, physically and mentally. I love this strain for social settings, especially concerts and festivals. Everybody has a good time with GSC. It's great for just about everything from pain to boredom! It will give you some mean munchies though, be forewarned. I am looking forward to seeing where this strain ends up in the future!

Love It!!!!!!!!!!

Super potent. My pheno is the platinum cut but I've grown the others as well. Thin mint didn't have as beefy a yield for me. Glad it went real well. Got my recent cuts from ups420 and will grab more GSC in the future. Peace n love

Love this strain. High THC content at 22.1% with the last batch I picked up. I love the flavor of GSC, it is one of my favorites. As for the high, it hits you like any good Indica should. It will kill off almost any pain that you have, at the same time it is great for any anxiety you may have. At night just take a few extra hits and any insomnia will be gone. Just be careful if you have things to do as you can get couch locked very easily with this strain.

high thc, and the perfect balance of sativa and indica. The flavor was okay but would berry perfect with a smooth citrus or other tasty favor. Otherwise it was great with a asome buzz

The scent and taste leaves one craving more. One puff and I'm zoned out.

Just starting flowering...easy grow

Best strain ever!

One of my favorites!! I'm smoking the live kind resin and I have a great head high.

Only one word can describe this! Strong high with very smooth smoking. Easily my favorite strain.

I love Girl Scout cookies. Make a coconut oil out of this strain. It, and I'm not kidding here, it tastes just like a white chocolate kit Kat bar. It is yummy yummy yummy. And great for migraines and neurological pain issues.

Most excellent!

Please only serious customers who know what they want. Only have what I put up but can maybe get other items. Text Only for prices & imprints. . .Cristal Kush. No To Meet Up Coz I don't wanna involved with COPS Roxy's/Addys //Heroine/Study Aids Green// Percs/Perks//Xanax//Oxicodone//Cocaine//Nembutal //Xanni//Dogfood Buns/Skywalker/Special K, LSD, Pain pills 30s/ Blues M30//MDMA //Hem oil/ Pure cannabis Extract......//420 Cough syrup///*******//********////texts or call me__.915 X 703 X 5573

It's not Tahoe OG or Chunkle. it's not God's Gift. It is however a unique hybrid . I would say it's a watered down OG. Very spacey like with euphoria. the flavors are a mix of og without the lemon. but not weak it's flavors aren't as direct but you can taste a minty flavor with the watered down og . high isn't bad more of a day time wake n bake. or just an active lazy day high. you can chill on it or get up and do things. at night this strain keeps you up like a caffeine rush and next day you feel a bit groggy. wish it had some Chunkle or god's gift in the mix to bring a much stronger body high. however it does have a body high and mind high. other than that it's some good all day weed. except at night. semi hard to sleep when your body is awake even if it's somewhat relaxed. I'd say this is the rockstar energy of pot.

Frankly I do not understand all the hoopla over this strain, but realize its a personal thing. The buzz to me was a bit muddled, one part one type, one part another type of buzz and neither aspect impressed me that much. I prefer the clearer more cerebral buzz from from a Sativa dominate strain. However it definitely will buzz you. There are no strains sold in dispensaries that fail to do that. As far as Sativa "paranoia" goes that has never affected me in my 50 years of smoking.

Best buzz I'm experienced in a long time. Girl Scout Cookies is a must try. One bake and you're hooked. The Positives and Reliefs are just what I was looking for. My new favorite is of course, "Girl Scout Cookies'...

I have epilepsy, and I brew Girl Scout with Earl Grey Tea rather than smoke it to help with intense side effects of my many medications;and also shorten my recovery period from the seizures themselves. The combination is a pleasant lemony sweetness that makes me more alert,and lasts most of the day. Plus almost nobody can tell that I use weed.

Great for anxiety.. Neuropathy.... IMO earthy tasting..

One of the best ones

I love this strain the taste is good and it really helps me with my neuropathy and helps me sleep without pain.

Great taste, mellow.

Great taste, good high, Heavy feel. (Exotic Farms)

decent high...not gigglish for me.....taste sweet and felt easy to the bones......

A couple of vapor inhalations and you're on your way!!!😎

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: OMG Sykes Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Berner's Cut Indica-dominant Hybrid -- Potency Analysis: TTL 25.84% THC 25.63% CBD 0.21% -- Cost: $15/g -- Berner's Cut, as I've been explained, is just a fantastic particular strain that was higher potency and more sharp flavors than the normal strain, and it's been treated with significant care. -- The smell of the buds is complex and rich, with a musky, fragrant, earthy smell, not unlike myrrh from far away. Atop that is a great baked-goods smell -- The bud texture is great and flowery. -- Smoke on this was incredibly well balanced and presented layers of flavor. There's the earthy muskiness up front, the primary smell on the weed, and on the exhale you get a leftover of that shortbread or soft sugar cookie flavor. -- I smoked this for breakfast, with coffee out in my backyard. This was an excellent start to my day.

I can't smoke GSC. It tastes like smoking Vicks Vapor Rub.

really high stuff. a little bit stemy, but almost too much to handle

Help Me With: Anxiety

Enjoyable any part of the day. Nice mix of relaxation and mood uplifting this strain is easy to identify.

usually smoke this before school and it keeps me in a pretty good mood

Help Me With: Stress
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