Gorilla Glue #4 Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 32%

Gorilla Glue #4, also known as “Original Glue,” “Gorilla Glue” or “GG#4,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Chem's Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel strains. This celebrity strain is a favorite of patients and breeders around the world for its super heavy effects and long-lasting high that will totally knock you flat out. The high comes on with a building effect, slowly filling your mind with a lifted euphoria and light creative energy. As your mind lifts higher and higher into happiness, an almost glue-like sense will kick in, leaving you mentally stuck in this blissful state and without a care in the world. This effect will soon spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you hopelessly couch-locked and immovable for hours on end. With these hard-hitting effects and its super high 18-32% average THC level, Gorilla Glue #4 is often said to be perfect for treating ADD or ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss or nausea and migraines or headaches. This bud has a spicy chemical chocolate flavor with a heavily diesel exhale that turns slightly sweet the more that you toke. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a heavy peppery pungency to it, too. Gorilla Glue #4 buds have small rounded forest green nugs with furry amber hairs and a coating of tiny amber-tinted white crystal trichomes that are dripping with sweet sticky resin.
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The gold standard in my eyes for medicinal cannabis. As a user and cultivator of GG4 I cannot emphasis enough how effective this strain is at full body melting relaxation. I suffered muscle/nerve damage due to a car accident and this is one of the few strains that allows my body the relief it needs to get a good night sleep. A good GG4 I've found also is delectably sweet note to it's beautiful pine-y smoke. Happy tokes!

Consumption Method: Vape PensEffects I Feel: Calming, Mellow, RelaxingHelp Me With: Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, NeuropathyAromas: Citrus, Earthy, Pine, SkunkyFlavors: Diesel, Gas, Pine, Pine Lemon

Much to my surprise, when I first tried this I discovered it quite literally reeked of duct tape, wood glue, and gorilla glue. And left a residue on the fingertips that was reminiscent of what’s found after handling duct tape. The taste and smells are a potent, peppery, blast of chemicaly-chocolate-diesel notes, and will often cause me to cough and get a bit phlegmy. The smell in the air afterwards is quite pungent and old-school stinky. Personally I find this stuff absolutely levels me in terms of manic/add stuff. Really really flattens me out nicely, I enjoy it a lot. Can be smoked all day in small to moderate amounts, but you’ll be less than peppy. It’s pretty stony. Easily one of my favorite strains ever, love the intensity and the psychological mellowness of it.

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Hungry, RelaxingHelp Me With: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Appetite Loss

A good GG will literally smell like the Gorilla brand adhesive duct tape, fulfilling its name as a gluey, gooey, sticky, peppery industrial tasting bud

Consumption Method: JointsHelp Me With: ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer's

One of my go to strains for an evening wind down or a slow sunday chill. Love this strain and sleep super well on it. Works on my back pain and also helps with ADHD. its popular for a reason.

Consumption Method: Vape PensEffects I Feel: Giggly, Mellow, SleepyHelp Me With: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain

One of my all time favorite strains GG#4 Musky chocolate undertones with very high trichome coverage and very dense/sticky nugs have never failed to impress me from this strain the taste alone is enough to please any stoner who knows this strain

Consumption Method: BluntsEffects I Feel: Body High, Hungry, Long LastingHelp Me With: ADD/ADHD, Headaches, PTSDAromas: Chocolate, Coffee, Dank, Diesel

This is a great and strong strain!!! It tastes like Gorilla Glue, but with the THC levels being so high I say hit this when you are home and able to just telax maybe even fall asleep. Great flavor, Great smell, and great look!!! I recommend this!!!

Consumption Method: BluntsEffects I Feel: Euphoria, Mellow, Relaxing

what a way to relax and enjoy the evening. To date, this strain is the smoothest bud I have tried. top of my list.

Consumption Method: BongEffects I Feel: Calming, Mellow, RelaxingHelp Me With: Anxiety, Mood Swings, Stress

Just got a 1/2 OZ for 40 in Rome NY at the Best place period I'm Army Retired 82 Airborne with severe Anxiety and PTSD this Stuff does the trick I been smoking for 45 years just made sure you have plenty of munchies and drinks and the remote is close by I watch Saratoga Thoroughbreds on my 65 inch and don't have to deal with no one lol 😂🤣 🤣🤣

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Calming, Hungry, RelaxingHelp Me With: Anxiety, PTSD, StressAromas: Bubble Gum, Chocolate, Mellow, SweetFlavors: Grape, Mellow, Melon, Raspberry

The taste is delicious, I get a little chocolate and some diesel. The high is deeply comforting and induces vision+color enhancement in an almost psychedelic way. Great!

Outstanding bud! My evening favourite. That diesel taste and smell is just divine. Honestly in my top 3 for flavour. I hit few pipes before sleep and and hour or so later I am ready to sleep. When GG hits, the body feels out of this world nice, all pain disappears. 💫🪐🇱🇹

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