Guava Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

THC: 21%

Guava Kush, a rather obscure newcomer, competed in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Beyond that, details about this strain are somewhat unreliable. It's reputed to be a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 35:65. But the effects suggest an even closer match, as Guava Kush delivers a true mix of physical and cerebral high: relaxing, creative, tingly, sociable, and occasionally sleepy. Side effects could include paranoia, dry eyes, or dry mouth, though there's little public information on the subject. Chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety may all be treated with this strain. The flavor is sweet, tropical, and fruity, while the aroma is similar. The nugs are a mix of dark and light green, together with amber hairs and a healthy layer of trichomes on the surface. THC levels are reportedly quite high, exceeding 21% in at least one publicly available test. But there is essentially no CBD in Guava Kush, making it a less-than-ideal choice for treating seizures or other conditions that respond to CBD. Found almost exclusively in Los Angeles and Oregon, this strain is worth a try, if only for bragging rights.
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I chose this strain at random today. It's been spotty finding a decent strain for me because of my high tolerance but I have to say that this strain made a difference for me today. Pleasant surprise.

I have just tried the ones I got called, "Green Guava". This strain smells and tastes like guava! I would describe the after-taste in your mouth as tangy, sour, and sweet. Definitely a creeper with both a body high and good head high. Well-balanced!

Mine was just labeled Guava but going by the description here I am going to say it's Guava Kush. Wow! This bud is beautiful to look at and smells great. The high is wonderful and relaxing and feels more like an Indica hybrid to me. But where this bud truly stands above the rest is it's wonderful flavor this bud has on the exhale. It's super tasty!

Smells like it's namesake. And not in a subtle way. You instantly smell the guava, and the dankness of the scent only enhances the guava smell. Great strain for chilling with a few friends and chatting it up.

Its very mellow,dosent make you cough and its a creeper reaction once smoke sit back and you'll take off and enjoy the ride and it's definitely great for depression and ptsd opinion from Gulfport Ms our mental health system is pure garbage marijuana helps my family cope with our mental health issues and gives us the appetite to eat I pray medical marijuana becomes legalized in our great beautiful St of Ms City of Gulfport

Nice strain, smooth and sweet taste. Definitely has the creeper affect as I realized walking in to the restaurant for dinner saying.. 1st , its a very new hybrid. has all the upbeat buzz that sativia strains are known for. My golf day started as usual smoking before and during the round with the sativia base nuggets kicking in for the Day like a pleasant cup of Starbucks and stayed true to form all day

Smoking it now and it's good af! A creeper! Taste awesome and hits great! Gmane

Taste of fruit & hash the high is a mix of Sativa & Indica traits 1st feel like doing stuff but after a while it's kicking time

I have yet to try this strain but I am flowering it out now. I'm in the middle of week 3 and it is chunking up nicely. The smell is exactly like a super ripe guava at this point. I will give you guys a review on how the drying/curing and smoking goes. I may get it tested and post the results for you. Happy growing/smoking.

Flavor is nice I'm high AF from half a joint Kinda tastes like sherbet

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