Headband Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 17% - 24%

Headband is a classic standby, effective and easy to find almost anywhere. It's available on both the legal and black markets, but it's most popular on the West Coast. This strain is a cross of two venerable parents, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, making for a 40:60 sativa/indica ratio. Headband is named after its famed cerebral effects, as it creates a sensation of pressure across the forehead similar to a headband. THC levels can reach higher than 17-24%, putting this on the top shelf of potent strains. CBD levels are low, less than 0.5%, so Headband is better used to treat conditions that respond to THC. Though the strain delivers a strong mix of euphoria and creativity, it's better used as a rainy-day strain, as it tends to cause a spacey feeling that can hinder daytime tasks. The strongest effects are centered on the body, making it a good choice for chronic pain and anxiety. It can also be used to treat nausea and wasting conditions, as well as mood disorders, muscle spasms, and migraines. Headband has a smooth, creamy taste with undertones of lemon and diesel. Expect dry mouth and dry eyes; other negative effects are more rare.
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Great classic high for a true stoner

If you are in the mood to feel pampered, this is a great strain. Because of the Sour Diesel sativa lineage, I smoke it during the morning/afternoon. It helps with my arthritis, neuropathy, and some lower back pain. It can be a bit stoney/trippy so I might not recommend for an inexperienced user. I would definitely get again! I had the vape. Really good to listen/make music to!

This has been by far the best for my condition. It stops core/trunk body muscle spasms in vape. I will ne trying other forms of this. It also calms down anxiety and restlessness feelings.


This is the strongest strain in overall effects both head and body. I love it but its for the experienced smoker. Agree with all the other smokers here its one of the best if not the best. Its as heady as any sativa and as potent as any indica that I smoked. Its like a turbo charged Blue Dream in its balance but as strong as Gorilla Glue or Purple Glue. This is one two or three toker not more and will last you a long time.

Relaxing mellow head

I have some headband 95 from grassroots completely diferant strain Triangle Og X Lengend OG X STardawg . terps are insane almost 15%

Knocked me on my ass and it didn't take much wow

A strain that is intense yet also strangely calming, headband is loud and well deserving of it's reputation. True to it's name, smoking large amounts of this strain create a "headband" sensation in the forehead, along with powerful full-body relaxation and euphoria. At the same time, the high can be very heady with strong psychedelic effects at higher doses. This strain is the perfect answer to headaches and migraines, as well as other types of chronic pain and a wide variety of other conditions. The buds of this strain take after their sour diesel heritage very strongly, with a very sour, gassy odor to them. At the same time, the lemony, piney scents and flavors of the OG parent also shine through, creating a very pungent, sour yet fruity flavor when smoked. The buds are very dense and show off a spectrum of colors ranging from light yellows, to deep emerald greens and are generally covered in orange/brown hairs. Overall, headband is an amazing recreational smoke and will impress veterans and newbies alike. I find this strain to be perfect for stress, anxiety and depression, but also for those suffering from chronic pain and especially migraines. It's generally not overly sedating, making it good for those that need pain relief while remaining functional. Too much can cause severe couchlock, so smoke with caution.

Absolutely love this strain. I am an army vet with severe PTSD and it works to calm and relax. Especially good when made into edibles

Just fabulous. The other day I went to bed 78 years old. Early this morining I had a hit of my grandson'sheadband, and I feel twenty five all day, My arthritis pain in my knees elbows and neck have been more than manage-able all day.. I actually went on the field and walked fast all over tthe place until I actually intercepted the ball.. It is now time for bed. I have had an incredible time with this sstrain.I can nnnnow get some of my life back... I know what to do now in order to move with less pain.Highly recommend it...Kool...increase in inter-.generatioonal knowledge happening now.......

Delete if not allowed. 5.5 stars I had a headband x creme de la chem hybrid ( bandolyn in CT mmj disp) and it is a sledgehammer. Got the headband feeling in less than 20 min and it felt really nice. Sampled at 30 % it doesnt look or smell compared to others at this range. It will surprise the hell out of you. Tasted earthy to me. This is not something to put in a pre roll or joint if you are a newcomer. Only a small amount is needed. Was dense AF too. Some of the nugs were like rocks lol. Bet it makes noise when it comes falling out of the script bottle. Gonna try this one out while gardening or camping this year , bet it makes the outdoors even better. When you see it, GET it. It goes fast.

Great smoke, this is pretty much a go to in my circle

So let’s clear this up first. There are many crosses of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Sour Kush is one. OGiesel is another. I’m sure there is more, but this is my favorite of the bunch. The flavor and high are the best. This last batch was sour on the inhale and sweet on the exhale. Love the overall name, flavor and effects🤪

nasty didnt feel a thang thought i was smoking inscents

Not my bud. I have vertigo, the head pressure and heaviness wasn't my thing. I wasn't hungry, took a long nap. Seemed to help with nausea. I love the smell and taste. It has a cherry like note with a strong fruit scent.

Very good medicine, helps with the headaches and neck pain. I've had Headband in form of concentrate oil few times and it's always consistent every time I vaped.

Just tried Headband for the first time and it is amazing!! It is a smooth smoke and definitely helps with chronic pain that I have!! I intend to obtain this strain every chance I get!!

This strain legitly stopped my nausea in the morning,, no strain really tackles that, plus, it is very chink eyed and euporic,the og stops the raceyness while the sour stops ogs tiredness very verstile strian , strongs af, top 5 favs for sure, gassy lemon pine goodness, No way u wont like it, its 2 the best highs ,,togther

I have chronic arthritis and some other hereditary ailments such as DDD or degenerative disc disease. At 62 yrs of age it really is a problem doing things. Next to fruity pebbles this strain has relieved a lot of pressure and pain. It's just to bad that the Gov Cuomo of NYS puts a stop on smoking medmar (medical marijuana ). Only edibles are allowed to be sold in dispensaries. I've had to obtain it from a local friend who has a connection to a Cali dispensary.

This is also refered to as sour kush. My sample smelled strongly of citrus and was frosty. This is way better than sour diesel on its own and compares as average to other kushes.

HeadBand is 1 of the BEST strains of ALL time! Trying Sour HeadBand in a day or 2 😍😉Grade A++!

I love this strain as it produces that headband feeling around your eyes which is fun within a social experience.

The stuff I just got was pretty fresh and nice size buds. First time using this strain.. and I gotta say. Im a fan after the first joint I just smoked.

Just like some of the classics of old like Northern lights, white widow and Durban Poison this is a modern day bud I kept hearing more and more about. So I got my first batch and it was not the highest grade. It was all smaller buds. The appearance of some of the larger nugs was nice. Light green nugs with dark red brown hairs and crystal covered. It broke apart nice and rolled nice. The odd part was it didn’t have much of a smell. It smelled like crayon?!? I promise the rest of the experience went well. On the inhale I got a strong chemical taste followed by sweet and then sour on the exhale. The flavor was interesting and led me wanting more. Now the high! It was incredible. First the head pressure aka head band. It would destroy a headache and help a migraine for sure. Next the body will follow. Kills pain and helps you relax. It made me smile almost instantly with a great euphoric buzz as well as helped me chill. I’ll be on the lookout for a better batch for sure!🤪

Definitely my favorite hybrid. As someone with chronic pain, Headband gives a consistent and lasting experience.

Love the power of this strain, with the sour diesel and O.G. It really hit the head and body hard; the numb feeling I get helps with any kinds of paid. And good for overall relaxation, not for beginners you might get slight paranoia.

Great strain , I just Bought half nd this first time I heard of it. I smoke .7 with two other people. at first after I hit nd passed, when da second person got it on first cypher, I instantly felt it. I started smiling nd Begin talking a lot lol. I also experienced d Body high, I fixed sum Baxeon,eggs nd sausage after two Bites, I like fell asleep for like few seconds nd just snapped out of it wit sudden Burst of energy,. I love it ,one Best strains ever had.

Headband, where were you all this time? This is the kind of strain you want to stock up on year round. A very unique strain my only suggestion is that you try different headband growers to see the differences, but if you are a true cannosieur, you will enjoy the effect and finish, the flavor is lemony and pungent at the same time. side note:if you are a fan of strains that leave behind the aroma long after it's not there even before it's been smoked, than either this strain or Gorilla Glue(not sure because I have both strains coinciding) are the kind of flowers that deliver, wonderful aromas! .....headband is a good game changer too if you like to enjoy more than a couple of strains within a days' time and you need a reset with completely different euphorics.

One of my favorite go to strains... it is very versatile. I smoke headband all day as it never disappoints. Diesel funk, smooth smoke and potency to get the job done.

🤘🙉 Headband is an outstanding hybrid! With parents like O.G. Kush and Sour Diesel, it seems like nothing could go wrong! The unique thing about this strain is the fact that it seems to give you a pressure in your head, not necessarily a bad thing, just a noticeable and slight pressure that feels similar to wearing an actual headband. Of course it smells like the classic diesel with strong citrus from the O.G. This is great for anytime of day if you are looking to get stoned! Good for pain and nausea! From House of Herbs!

The pheno i got was out of this world the smell was a piney diesel earthy and citrusy very bold flavors and smells literally stunk my whole house forget my room... It comes on hard and quick with cerebral euphoric effects then lasts to a calming body.. Really was the perfect cannibus for socializing. Thing is it wears off quick for us heavy daily users i had forgotten id smoked 45 mins later needs to last longer.

This is the best I've tried yet for chronic pain, anxiety/depression, and PTSD all in one. Definitely a fix-for-all for your daytime burn!

my favorite.................................so says wsoodstock

818 is my favorite mixed with some Dr. Who......oh yeah!

401 Headband is A+

Absolutely wonderful. Really did the trick!

This is the all around,good on the pocket book, bag for your buck product.

Fantastic. This tastes wonderful. cant go wrong with any OG lineage here....I got this from main street marijuana. The pricing is incorrect. I got an 1/8 on special from life gardens for 20 dollars. Its just a nice uppity kind of buzz. I really feel motivated quite a bit.....with an underlying chill attitude....thanks headband new favorite strain. life gardens: 17.2%thc outdoor strain

I got a few oz's of this earlier last year and it was my favorite. I had been looking for that same strain but this one here ain't it. It's good, but it's not the 25% stuff I got last year. It makes your head feel like a shark has a death grip on it. It squeezes tightly or loosly depending on the hit.

I smoked amnesia. a very cerebral high but much pain relief. the taste is kinda sweet but potent. one bone and i'm toast. high thc is deceptive. it is a subtle high, though potent. I give it an 8.3

Headband is the best iv ever smoked. Definitely getting more payday

well I have so much to say about this bud I've smoked a lot of good vibes in my lifethis one is in my top three. 1 is headband 2. White Widow 3. Northern Lights

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