Ingrid Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 31%

A relative rarity, Ingrid is a cross between the original Royal Cheese strain from the United Kingdom and Hash Plant, both indica-dominant hybrids. Its THC levels, which don't get any higher than 19%, keep it from entering the realm of truly potent strains. But it hits fast and delivers a pleasant, sleepy body high fueled by its indica genes. Though not a great daytime choice, this strain is just right for a night spent vegging in front of the TV. The flowers look almost neon green, while the taste is sweet and pungent. Ingrid produces a strong, skunky odor. This strain is pretty much unheard of outside California, so good luck finding it. If you can, it may be useful in relieving insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, PTSD, ADHD, and stomach problems. Dry mouth is likely, while dry eyes and paranoia are possible but less likely. The indica genes are dominant in this plant, but it's unclear exactly how dominant they are; Royal Cheese has a 25:75 sativa/indica ratio, while Hash Plant has a 20:80 ratio. But there are few reliable figures on the relative proportion of these subspecies in Ingrid's genes.
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Such an underrated strain if you're ever in Denver lit dispensary does this strain Justice if they happen to have it on the Shelf to get some and then get some Han Solo burger mix it to make some cheeseburger so good

Ingrid is the "weigted blanket" of weed. It will wrap its ethereal arms around you and lull you into a calm relaxing sleep. It melts away stress and anxiety so that you can clear your mind and dream. Yes, Inrgid promotes dreams which help heal the mind and energize you for the next day. I tend to dream more and rememeber them better on nights that I have used Ingrid to help me sleep.

I first "met" Ingrid™ in 2011 at the HT Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, CA where she was proudly available by The Leonard Moore Co-op. from Mendocino, CA. Ingrid™'s genetics were a secret back then, She was pretty much exclusive to TLMC with its' high medicinal value and available for a small donation. She was a rare, almost legendary strain that I've sought after ever since. It's 2020 in San Diego, CA and I just had my first taste of the legal, official, fresh Ingrid™, provided by the Madrone brand of small batch farms (also in Mendocino). Her genetics are known as (UK Cheese x Hash Plant). The test results on the label inform that Ingrid™'s more potent than ever and this batch is 21.3% THC, 0.11% CBD, 4.04% Other Cannabinoids, Totalling 25.45%. Also provided is the information that 1.8% are Terpenes, primarily Myrcene, Limonene and Linalool. Upon toking, I was really happy this example was dominated by the Hash Plant taste-wise, rather than the UK Cheese. It meant a bit of coughing, but... A little coughing doesn't matter much when you begin to feel one of the most medically effective strains ever. She's only gotten better with age. If it's Ingrid™ by Madrone - YOU WILL FEEL IT! Medicinal Effects include: pain relief, depression relief, anxiety relief, insomnia relief, schizophrenia relief, stress relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, mood enhancement *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* - justin.

Skunky & pungent on inhale and exhale, took me to the EXACT place I wanna be when medicating :D

Ingrid is my favorite! Excellent for anxiety, which is a very real struggle for me. At Good Chemistry in Denver they keep it on hand at all times. Their growers have steadily increased the THC content from about 22% 6+ months ago to 31.62% currently. According to the "strain fingerprint" test data it has pretty high levels of myercene and linalool, which are both terpenes that are believed to have anxiolytic properties. I highly recommend it if you like heavy indica and/or are looking for anxiety relief.

EXCELLENT. However I purchased it at Leonard Moore coop in Mendocino, where it finds its home. The consistent lab reports have shown her to regularly to test at 25% THC and all organic. Then, while in San Diego, I finally found it at a really nice dispensary way down south. Hooray...I rest again! It tested at over 25 there too. Just make sure you get the real girl...she makes a great snuggle.

Ingrid is the one...for sleep. I've had trouble sleeping lately. Ingrid helped. Nice taste. Very mellow, immediate buzz. Nite nite. **NOT for day use! Does Ingrid have a sister?

weird name but totally dank. heavy sleepy effects and nice smooth taste

Ingrid is probably the heaviest indica I've come across. If your looking for relaxation and pain relief this strain is for you. Just don't expect to be wake very long or remember much. Ingrid tends to be very sedating and has a strong cheese smell. The buds are large and white and covered in crystals. When smoked ingrid has a sandalwood taste and is very smooth. Some mmj patients are instantly in love with her and refuse to try anything else.

Aromas: CheeseFlavors: Woody

Ingrid is what you want when you tell the rest of the world to be quiet. Or maybe it just happens to make that happen for you. Ingrid is an extremely strong indica, from its smell and taste, to its anchor-weight of an after effect. Highly recommended.

Effects I Feel: MellowHelp Me With: Anxiety, StressAromas: Cheese, DankFlavors: Nutty
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