LA Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 19% - 21%, CBD: 1%

LA Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain with widely debated genetics. Although it is well known that it is an OG Kush descendant, its other parent is a mystery – many believe that it is a backcross of OG Kush and others believe that it is Abusive OG. Whatever its true parentage, LA Kush boasts a moderately high THC level between 19-21% and surprisingly cerebral effects. The onset has a uplifting cerebral effect that builds quickly, leaving you energized and motivated with a sense of focus and purpose. Although the high hits fast and hard, it is not accompanied by any anxiety or paranoia typical of a powerful sativa or sativa hybrid strain due to its heavy indica parentage. As the high continues you'll be hit with a mellow body buzz that leaves you utterly relaxed and happy with full functionality and a perfect level of motivation. Because of these effects, LA Kush is ideal for treating chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and tremors. This bud has a deliciously minty aroma of fresh earthy pine and a taste of peppermint pine with a hint of fresh damp earth upon exhale. These buds have small to medium-sized dark forest green heart-shaped nugs with fiery orange hairs and translucent fine trichomes.
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Overhyped. Not impressed with lackluster effects, despite ridiculously high THC level near 40%. No strong qualities for me.

Delicious flavor, nice tones of green and purple through compact tight nugs, LA Kush has never let me down.

This strain has nothing to do with OG Kush. It's likely some kind of Hindu Kush which has exactly zero sativa in it, it's a 100% indica. It probably was good stuff 30 years ago but I wouldn't expect much if you are used to modern hybrids.

honestly some of the worst bud i’ve ever smoked, straight mexican piss weed. fresh off the boat all bricked up smells like dog shit… gotta give it 1 star cuz i cant give it 0

This is always a winner delicious and strong. A .5 piece and I'm straight. So kushy and a minty taste lingers on my lips. Functional if you really focus, otherwise a smile appears and you realize you're baked lol

This is the best smoke as far as I am concerned.I grew up in the San Fernando Valley smoking Skunk bud and this is very close to that. Just dense, green thick nugs that taste piney, earthy. The Skunk from the Valley in the 80s was the shit. Great job, top quality... 5 star, 2 thumbs way up!!!

80/10 the math doesn't work lol. That's only 90% where's the other 10%? LoL

Los Angeles Kush did well again with LA Kush. My eighth was beautiful to look at. One bud weighed 2.5 grams alone! The bud had two different shades, medium to darker green that looked much lighter because of all the fine clear trichomes & burnt orange pistils everywhere. Buds were super dense (like a rock). The taste & smell I got was that of pine. The effects made me VERY happy & VERY relaxed. An uplifted body high. What you expect from a top shelf product. PEACE & LOVE

Very pleased with LA Og strain...

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