NW-47 Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 19%

NW-47, also known as “Northwest 47,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a powerhouse cross of the potent Northern Lights X AK-47 strains. With parents like these, you know you're in for a long-lasting and satisfying smoke each and every time. The NW-47 high is the perfect combination of both of its parents, pulling together calming effects with an energetic euphoria. The high hits you first with a cerebral rush that's oddly relaxing and often inspires creativity. You'll be talkative in this state, chatting with anyone around you easily. As your mood builds, your body will succumb to a relaxing and slightly tingly body high that leaves you completely at ease, although pretty hungry. With these effects and its high 19% average THC level, NW-47 is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, appetite loss, and chronic anxiety. This bud has an insanely delicious flavor of sweet yet spicy grapes with a musky citrus taste that's surprisingly pleasant upon exhale. The aroma takes a pungent twist, bringing in smells of well-aged wine and spicy citrus for an intoxicating effect. NW-47 buds have piecey spade-shaped light minty green nugs with lots of dark orange hairs and a blanketed coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.
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It is an awesome strain,BUT,It is actually called El Alquemista from Samsara seeds,Spanish breeders.

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