Orange Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 12% - 18%

Orange Cookies is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a powerful cross of the insanely delicious Orange Juice X Girl Scout Cookies strains. This tasty bud boasts a long-lasting mellow buzz that is powered by a moderate THC level that ranges between 12-18%. The Orange Cookies high is characterized by a euphoric cerebral buzz that starts behind the eyes and in the forehead before quickly spreading throughout the body, leaving you happy and utterly relaxed. This high is relatively mild in nature and won't cause you to experience any paranoia, anxiety, or sedation that sometimes comes with hybrid strains. Because of these mellow effects and its moderate THC level, Orange Cookies is said to be the perfect strain for treating patients suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, mild cases of depression, and muscle spasms or tremors. Much like its name suggests, this bud has a tangy aroma of sweet citrus and a taste of sweet fruity citrus that has a sour earthy tinge upon exhale. These buds have medium-sized super dense lumpy spade-shaped light minty green nugs that are covered in fiery orange hairs and sparse spattering of white crystal chunky trichomes and resin.

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Got some more of this strain, this time as some popcorn flower, again from The Center in Denver, Colorado. Nugs are various sizes, ranging from my thumb nail down to tiny itty bitty pieces. Color is a nice solid green underneath the white dusting of trichomes and bright, compact orange pistals. Unground the nugs are orangey in smell and ground they are even more pungent (smells like orange juice.) The taste is very orangey upon immediate inhale then it bcame creamy and ended on a spicy note that lingers through the exhale. Again, for me the effects of this strain hit me as a slightly energetic but ultimately relaxing Sativa. The rush starts in my head and hits with a pulse of energy before spreading to my body, helping me feel motivated and active without being all stupid racy.

I just picked this up in vape form and took 3 good hits. It does take a minute or so to hit you but after that it's a creeper. The buzz slowly builds to a great euphoric sativa high. This gives you sharp focus and has you smiling in no time. I love to write songs and this is a perfect high to create. Whatever your thing is, be it painting, working out or whatever you enjoy it will be even more enjoyable with a few nice belts of this wonderful strain. I'm giving it 5 stars!

🍊🥠Beautiful herb with lotsve lovely colors. Purples, was ultra prevalent which I thought was awesome. Excellent sour tangie flavor like allbud said. Flower was very sticky. I could this at a wall and it would stick like gum. Nice night cap smoke. No munchies or annoying side effects. Only thirsty. My bag says 23% thc. Didnt feel that strong. But that's why I got it. Evened me out big time. Just what I needed.

Fucking awesome strain really tastes like orange juice cookies gets yu high as a m'fer. Vaping this shit hits hard and is a very strong and nice calming head high

Smells like orange or tangerine fire i only touched a bud and 5 minutes later was smelling herb very string it was my hand it smells through 2 baggies im about to get more before ppl eat it all up plus i have other kinds stock up when gas is in ,trust me its orange and up there wit the best of them

Top 10 on my list. Everyday allday. I need to Lb just for my own personal use. Takes care of everything I have issues with. Anxiety Depression Migraines Insomnia Gain appetite And even help relax my nerves alot more than the meds my dr. Gives me.

Smells exactly like tangerines. Uncanny. It tastes like slightly spoiled oranges and earthy kush. Suprisingly delicious.

This strain takes a few minutes to kick in, but once it does it’s a perfect 50/50 hybrid feeling. Very relaxing but not tired, good euphoria/happiness. Very nice sweet orange smell & taste. I love the cookies genetics, that being said so far this is the best one I’ve tried.

Just got this strain and not disappointed. It has a great aroma and high as well.

Orange cookies, as you may know, im a "cookies lover" and for sure this strain was going to take my attention, well, not exaclty, i got the opportunity to try the strain right away with some friends so yeah, why not?. I wanna point the good parts that i liked about the flower and for instance its a GSC cross so, yeah it was promising for sure that it was going to look amazing and the Orange Juice bred it really shows off. the smell from oranges and citrus can be spotted right away, strong orange aromas come out from the buds. and for the looks, it really looks kinda orangy. so everything this flower can offer your is spot on and solid. Now the thing i didnt like, maybe personal, but it didnt became that big for me, i really have found other strains, and specially cookies crosses that are better in my opinion, if you are looking for something that comes with cookies, you can find tons of other options. Anyways, it gets the green approval .

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