Pink Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 20%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

The heritage of this heavy indica is a little uncertain, but it's known to be a relative and possibly an offspring of the legendary OG Kush, one of history's most popular strains. Pink Kush carries on the legacy, delivering a potent body high that's very effective as medical treatment. The effects are calming and intensely euphoric, with happiness and a powerful case of the munchies. It's a versatile tool for treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, lack of appetite, migraines and other headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia. The sativa/indica ratio of this strain is hard to verify, but appears to be as low as 10:90, meaning strong physical effects. THC tests are scarce, but the few that are publicly available suggest fairly high potency, topping 20%. CBD levels are reportedly much lower, less than 1%, so this isn't an ideal choice for treating conditions that respond to that chemical, including epileptic disorders. The flavor and aroma of Pink Kush are similar, with notes of pine, wood, and flowers. The strain gets its name in part from the pink hairs that punctuate its green nugs. It's most popular on the legal markets of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.
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It was good but not really that strong

Pink Kush is my new late evening medicine. I'm not a fan of the pungent taste or smell of many Kush strains. Fruity is more my thing. So I was surprised when I enjoyed the slightly sweet fruity taste of Pink Kush. It left a mild flowery scent in the air. The smoke is heavy with a bit of a burn in my mouth. Some coughing, but that just kicked things up a notch. A body stone came on quick and most of my aches pretty much disappeared. I was in an instant stress free zone and totally relaxed. Didn't make me tired right away but there wasn't much energy for moving around. So it was feet up in a chair for me. I did get the munchies and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy them. When I went to bed, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I then enjoyed a rare full night of sleep. This strain is very medicinal for me.

Really enjoyed this strain for my pain.

Really enjoyed as a true OG Kush fan and cannabis conissiour. Nice body stone with a nice floral kushy taste, very nice strain for anxiety and relaxation as well as helps wit insomnia quickly after a bowl or joint. Definitely recommended! 😚😡😌

The Smell and the looks are very berry like ,and the high is nice relaxing good body stone and cerebral consistently solid buzz✌🏻

This bud is beautifull. Been buying this from my supplier almost every time I buy for the last 2 years! Have smoked/vaped/eaten/etc lots of weed in my day and have realized this strain is prob the best of the best! No kiddin.

Made me love weed forever. We need this in Australia!

break up a bud and it smells like fruit salad being cut up, while camping among the white pine... citrus. taste is similar, fruity. wonderful for hiking, skiing, tossing a frisbee for my dog. back pain is forgotten by the very pleasant buzz, uplifting, total distraction from pain that a minute earlier was first on my mind. gives a new, improved, mellow attitude on everything. j

A great strain for sleep and pain. OG means OCEAN GROWN not Original Gangsta in the cannabis world.

They should rename this Gwen Stefani kush because this shit is Bananas. 5 stars all day long best SMOKE in my house right now and will be for a while.

Awesome awesome

Omg beautiful Pain gone

that organized gangster descendant is a powerful strain, topping 25prcnt, is for heavy stoner, if beginners, go slow,3 tokes are enough, pretty nice nuggets, so good, i live in Canada, and love it.

taste so good, it's a God tasting, the best in the west, good for everything, it is a truthful flower, pain depress migraines anxiety eating problems,in a good mood, GODtasting

The gold standard for relaxation, in my opinion. There's an instant calming effect upon the first toke or two, followed by a strong and relaxing body buzz. Has a very nice and distinct sweet indica smell and taste to it, almost like cleaning chemicals but in a good sense. Not quite as immediately heavy-hitting as some other kushes, this one is more of a creeper. Could not recommend more for anxiety/ptsd/stress.

If you like hiking/skiing in mountains, this is the best strain I've found. The trees and rocks come alive as it takes you to another world. But your feet are still on the ground and your head is exceptionally clear enough to blissfully ski, hike, scramble, and navigate accurately (no brain scrabbling maps!) without hurting your self! I also didn't feel paranoid or too high to see the animals (bears, griz, etc):)

Terrific nighttime strain. Great for depression, headaches; and spasticity

Very calming and happy vibe. Smells so good. The end.

nice high for one hour,definitely beautiful popcorn nuggets,really hard to the touch.

Blacklight: The GSC shatter is NUTZ! Wow man ... once I got the dose correct I found this one to be my VERY favorite extraction .. and I did it myself .. Only problem is that I used over an oz of bud .. and didn't get the 1% return I wanted .. but I did spill some of the "brine" and caused a "soaker" in my process BUT now I know how to get what I want, and realize that the effects are spot on for me strain/effects to be expected. If you can get GSC or Chemdawg at high tch percentages .. maybe this will suit you too/.

Love Pink kush! Smells lovely, very flowery. Helps with my anxiety and sleep.

Answer to Blacklight ... I found out through the recommendation of a dispensary, as I too find PINK KUSH to be THE best for me ... alternatives recommended AND true to that would be GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and CHEMDAWG .... These alternatives are very close for me too, although effects can vary from one person to another, and the subsequent alternatives weren't as potent as PINK KUSH but I"m about to make some shatter from Girl Scout Cookies 10% mids - popcorn buds ... hoping this gives me the extra little push that is lacking, compared to Pink Kush .. I will shop for my own seeds , as this strain is not being offered by any of my Licences Legal Providers here in Canada, anymore.

By far the best strain I have tried when it comes to effects, smell and taste. I would just be repeating other reviews here so I will keep it simple, pink kush is amazing. I recommend you try it if you have the chance. Currently I have pink kush premium which is at 27.6% thc.

Like All the Veterans here I have smoked 100s of strains and not only was this one of the cheapest strains it is one of the best!

Like other old timers here, I've smoked a lot of strains in my 20+ years....fuck I'm old...and stoned. But Pink is fucking different in many ways. I don't want to repeat what other's have said, but trust us ol' stoners, and try Pink in the states where you know it's the real deal. You WILL know the difference. Enjoy my friends, Enjoy😊😊😊😊😊😊

This is the definition of medicine for anxiety and or PTSD. Soothes the soul like a warm blanket. Hits hard instantaneously. A wallop of euphoria and then utterly still, complete, calm and relaxed one with the universe stuff. Have never experienced much really heavy couch-lock at all. Unique, I believe, in that it's not overly "sedative" in its powerful ability to destroy anxiety on the first hit. Smoked tons of strains - nothing beats this. I've seen phenos saying 90:10 Ind dom up to 70:30 Ind dom.

It smells like sweet pine sol and tastes great. Awesome body high feels like you are riding a magic carpet, that takes you directly to the fridge for raiding.

Pink Kush is some of the best medicine out there. 6/5 if the gardener knows what they're doing. I've smoked hundreds of strains (I'm old - I'm pretty sure!) and this is in the Top 3 for that SUPER relaxation that comes on from the first inhalation. You can tell it's Pink Kush... not sure how else to describe it. BAM like a rolling wave of pure bliss. Sure it's euphoric, uplifting, etc., but ... something about "relaxing" ... that's the appropriate word. Relaxing like a brick of relaxed smashed over your head. It's a heavenly full-body melt. Fellow readers.. not sure if there's a forum here but I'd love to hear about strains that anyone thinks are similar or rival this bad boy. When well-grown, freaking spectacular Indica effects.

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