Purple Mayhem Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 24% - 25%

Purple Mayhem is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the extremely rare Dark Desire X Dark Cross strains. Although this particular bud is hard to come by as well, you'll fall in love with just one toke after you experience its heavy in body and bright in mind high. The high hits you first with an uplifted cerebral state that boosts your mood and lifts your mind into a state of focused energy. As you become more aware of everything around you and become happier and happier, your body will slowly be washed over with a heavy relaxation that lulls it down into a deep couch-lock. Even in this state you'll remain cerebrally active and fully awake although completely calm. Because of these effects and its THC level that hits about 24.2% on average, Purple Mayhem is often recommended for experienced users who are suffering from chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, spasticity, and appetite loss. This bud has dark olive green nugs with super dark purple undertones and leaves as well as bright amber hairs. Each nug is dusted with chunky clear crystal trichomes that look almost purple in the right light. The flavor of Purple Mayhem is said to be very sweet and earthy with a touch of light fruit and savory earth upon exhale. The aroma is dank and spicy with a fresh fruity pine effect that's released as the nugs are broken apart and smoked.
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I got some from a dispensary in mass. I never heard of it, but the guy told me it was leaning to indica hard, so i got some. The buds are purple through n through. None of this "green with purple hints " stuff. Pure strange looking PURPLE with a slight "grape" purple smell, not like real grape. Potent enough to suit an indica smoker. Did the trick as they say. I dint think it was super strong at all. jus good enough to suit. Buds were dry, not great, but super dense. and Yeah, I snapped a ton of pics. Its a bud like no other i ever saw and I wanted pix to show her off. lol

Best for Chronic Pain I love this strain. Amazing flavor and also great for PTSD&Bi-polar. First hit and you feel it working. I'm a daily user because of the Chronic so nice to feel normal and not in pain.

It's so true what they say about this strain. When it does lock you into the couch as they say, that's where you are going to stay for a little while. I tried this first time Valentine's Day,I purchased it at mint dispensary in mesa az and the colors were beautiful in this strain and aroma just really pulled me into getting it. It's perfect for night and slipping into a nice sleep. Great strain. I will continue getting this one for night use. Bravo..

Never had something this exotic! Now that I've found this guy's work with this line I started to look into his work and found out there's years and years of breeding and frankly after digging into Gooeybreeder s past, I'm amazed I've not heard more. I can now see why he's known all over as the breeders breeder. He's now my favorite and I'm going to get hold of everything I can find! Purplepicker

Mixed W/ Blue Dream it is like a drug We haven't used since the early 80's

AAAAMAZING!!! aksnowgoddess

Hi folks! I've only been using this strain for a day now and I LOVE IT! The description of it's effects are right on key! I can use this during the day. It's great. Especially when playing video games or watching movies. The method for this strain was concentrate amber/caramel in appearance 77.31%. It does have a noticeable pine taste to it with a lemon zest finish. Very tasty actually considering the pine. I do plan on using this strain for a long while as long as it's available. As I do like to try new strains every month. This one's a winner.

Awesome sleep aid. When its time for some nice Dreams.

Very sweet tasting indica, one of my favorites. Found some to dab with & oh my it's wonderful. My tolerance to indica's are sickening so when one works on me its impressive

The breeder is the top breeder in the world I believe. His work, no matter what strain is the top of the heap and one can never go wrong with any offerings he puts out. Purple Mayhem, while amazing in every way, is not on his " best work" list. If you can find anything from him get it into your garden asap. You will never be sorry and he backs his work up. Always tested by him prior to any release, you'll always know what to expect and still be blown away by what you get. Gooeybreeder is an amaze breeder and one hell of a nice person too.

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