Royal Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 23% - 25%, CBN: 1%

Royal Kush, or “The King Among Hybrids,” is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa OR 90% indica/10% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Afghani X Skunk #1strains. This insanely powerful bud boasts an intense THC level that typically falls above the 25% mark and a myriad of impressively potent indica effects. The high starts in the head with a hazy cerebral rush that leaves you insanely uplifted and euphoric but with a distant introspective feeling that rids the mind of any racing thoughts or pain. This head high slowly begins to ebb throughout the body, leaving you in a state of utter relaxation and drowsiness that slowly creeps up on you before hitting you like a brick wall. The comedown almost always leads to a deep and peaceful sleep that lasts for hours on end without interruption. Because of these often overpowering effects, Royal Kush is said to be perfect for treating chronic stress, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, and mild to moderate cases of depression. Royal Kush buds have small to medium-sized light minty green lumpy popcorn-shaped nugs with forest green undertones, sparse fiery orange hairs, and a sandy fine frosty layer of white crystal trichomes. This bud has a taste and aroma of sweet earthy skunk with a savory herbal aftertaste that lingers for hours after you finish smoking.
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I love this strain, but I have to disagree on the allbud description regarding this hiting you super hard, and leading to guaranteed sleep, etc. This stuff feels for sure excellent 🌈 the high does come in very fast, but you settle into it. Zero paranoia, zero bad thoughts, amazing tingle in the center of my forehead. This is as close to blissful a strain you can get. What I disagree with allbud is only that I didnt experience any lethargic or bad come down, and didnt want sleep at any point. In fact I'm excited to go hiking with this stuff tomorrow. This is definately indica dominant and you feel it, but it's an "adventurous" kinda high if you know what I mean. Like the stoner sea turtle in finding nemo, you're definately very high, but still going about your day like whatever

Hubby rolls this with some platinum..... HEAVEN It helps with my chronic stress, depression, anxiety and panic disorder! I love it !!!

I consume this Strain in Vape form at about 90% thc daily and nightly. And it is such a beautifully complete high! Starts with an electric tingle in the head, noticeable euphoria and a big perma-grin, which gives way to a wonderfully introspective but happy cerebral trance perfect for spacing out with a big smile (Which is surprising given its Indica dominance- The Sativa characteristics definitely come through)! And the body high is just as great. An electric euphoria floods the chest, before transitioning gradually to a feeling of floaty weightlessness! Provides potent relaxation without the drag of couchlock! Aches and pains of both body and minds disappear almost instantly. This is truly the "King Among Hybrids"- An all-around perfect strain!

Amazing! I did not expect this to be so good. Liontree Farms Royal Kush, Testing at %18.1 THC. I smoked before a walk home, just half the joint. It stayed lit for a long time and I didn't have to puff it constantly. I found myself feeling light and introspective with a noticeable body high. I was very very stoned. Next morning I smoked the other half and played hacky sack. (I'm a cliche, sue me) Balance came easy and rhythm was easy to keep, I found myself laughing after a few minutes, then sat down to relax, which resulted in a short meditative state in which I felt totally at ease. perfect score for this one.

I'm a indica fan, mostly, because it's great for sleeping. But smoke a little too much Royal Kush and I fall down the rabbit hole of paranoia and self doubt.

Awesome! I deal with chronic pain from a SCI injury and this gives me a happy place!

POTENT! Yummy! Great texture.

I am smoking this now. It's true to its name. A nice head high followed by passing out into a dead sleep. Does good on pain and nausea. I am most pleased.

This is a very smooth smoke and the high seems to be body n mind great combo .

Tried this for the first time today, and I am in love. The whole house smells of that wonderfull smell this beauty has. Can really smell the Afghani part of it...just wonderfull, earthy, minty, piney... Very Indica, with just a bit of Sativa to keep you sort of going. After 4-5 bong hits, not even that big, I was leaning like a mofo. Tastes like heaven, that lingers in mouth. Smooth smoke. If you don't like munchies, not a strain for you. If you love to get up and go, not for you...wanna do stuff? Maybe indica hybrid for shure.

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