Snow Monster Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 21% - 25%

Snow Monster is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain from the infamous cannabis breeder Exotica Genetix that's an intensely dank cross between The White X Starfighter 42. This bud became popular after being a contender in the 2014 Cannabis Cup Competition. With a mild THC level of 21-25% and a long-lasting potent high, Snow Monster is ideal for any level of user, novice to master. Smoking this bud will give the user an onset of a cerebral high that's uplifting and bold, before fading into a relaxed sleepy state. Snow Monster is an ideal medication for patients suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders, Crohn's Disease, and emphysema, as it offers mind relief before reaching a state of sleepy bliss. Snow Monster buds look exactly as they sound – fluffy and dense and completely blanketed in a layer of white crystal snow. With an earthy cheesy taste that offers a hint of lemon upon exhale and a sweet citrus aroma, Snow Monster is a tasty treat that's sure to satisfy the most temperamental of palates.
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Very relaxing and perfect for chronic pain. And with chronic pain, this may help me sleep.

This is my all time favorite strain! Every time I've purchased the Smonster the nugs have been beautiful there green with light brownish hair running threw and covered in tricombs I mean this is got to be some of the best looking nugs I ever seen I use snow monster for insomnia, stress, and back pain and it works the best the only problem I have with snow monster is it can be hard to find sometimes. The high is boom str8 to the head no messing around then slowly creeps down your body and then leaves you relaxed ready for bed pain wiped away. I give this bud 5 stars.

This one is the best by FAR!!!!!! Love the taste, and aroma!

Being producing it for a cpl years, great great yield..

I have been smoking weed regularly for the last 6 months for two reasons; 1) To keep the alcohol monkey off my back. 2) I suffer mild PTSD symptoms from my 20 years of military service. I have gotten over the stigma and all the crap the fools in AA say about Mary Jane. I decided to get back to my old love affair with the green. Snow Monster has by far been the best hybrid for me. It gives me an excellent, manageble high, while releiving some chronic lower back and knee pain. It also lets you come down easy. The taste is fresh with hints of mint and black pepper. I buy mine at Highway 7 in the "two five three".

Very nice blend!

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