White Gold Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 25%

White Gold is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a cross of the insanely popular White Widow X Himalayan Gold strains. This powerful bud boasts an insanely high average THC level of 25% and has perfect effects for a lazy day outside that you need a source of constant energy. The high starts with a euphoric uplifting head rush that gives you a sense of clarity and focus without causing paranoia or anxiety. You'll feel a slight sense of motivation and stimulation that encourages you to get up and get moving. The indica effects hit next with a calming relaxing feeling that resonates throughout your entire being. These effects are not sedating and don't cause any loss of functionality whatsoever. Because of these powerful daytime effects, White Gold is a patient favorite for treating chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and chronic stress or anxiety. This bud has long and furry grape-shaped dark olive green nugs with dark purple leaves, dark amber hairs, and a super sticky coating of visible sweet resin. White Gold has a pungent fruity haze aroma and a taste of pungent earthy diesel that has a surprisingly sweet hazy kick to it upon exhale.
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Appearance -> Wow, extremely larger than life the size of the nuggets, 2 giant buds in my 1/8th. Taste -> Smooth, Earthy dank smell while smoking, smooth with a mild- mid- barky, flavor tones. (Consumed in a small bubbler). The Feels-> Mild, alert, semi-energized as well as focused, yet extremely calm. I find this herb to be a great AM puff. Perfect for morning ham and eggs or an afternoon snack. Cost -> spent 45 in Buffalo NY Grade -> 8/10 I would definitely purchase this again.

Grabbed 28g because it was a deal, but with the price I had my suspicions. Let’s just say this is very underrated! You get the happy, chill, focused high that’s just perfect for getting your day started! 10/10 would recommend!

I grabbed up some of this strain from my dispo bc they were selling it for $10 1/8ths so I was like heck yeah I’ll try it BUT this is one I can say was a hidden gem type of situation. After getting home and seeing white widow is in the lineage is a big WIN for me bc white widow is a reigning champ in my book of fave strains and then after trying the flower I got a heck of a deal and I would highly recommend this strain if you come across it. Def a heavy indica that makes me happy, chill, and pain free from all the nerve pain/spasms etc that I deal with having Multiple Sclerosis.

White gold is very stinky and earthy you can definitely taste the white widow in this bud. The high is nice with a strong euphoric buzz along with feeling relaxed, definitely will smoke this again if I can get my hands on it 🔥🔥🔥

I have never heard of it until this morning and got 8 g of it. I read it’s more energizing so I got it as my day smoke weed! With a name like white gold it sounds like some awesome cocaine, but it’s definitely awesome weed that packs quite a punch! I really enjoy it because I felt body effects first and then cerebral focused high. Beautiful high! Like some old school hash almost! (Oh you can definitely be quite functional as well). The nugs are pretty n the smell is very average but the taste is nice.. But hey it’s all about the effects if you ask me. 5* weed undoubtedly!

White Gold In the morning Makes me feel “like hitting a mini jackpot”. Definitely all that’s needed to start to start the day and maybe boost activity. Also, WOULD NOT SMOKE AT NIGHT !! I’m going to be up bored for a while.

Excellent smoking!! Thick white smoke with a great taste! Would definitely buy again!

This taste real nice, This is a good one to inhale with your mouth and let it flow back out your nose. I was still able to cook dinner for my family so I was definitely focused. I also was able to talk to my my mother on the phone without losing it so yes I was relaxed and social.

Love how it makes you want to get up and get out

By far the best strain I've encountered for inspiring you to get off your posterior when you seriously don't want to do anything. I'm not normally a wake-n'-bake-er, but this got me moving and productive, even when I was so depressed I didn't think I could make it out of bed. It's not a "manic" type of productivity or creativity. More like it's "encouraging" you. "Well, I'll just make the bed and see how I feel. Hm. Okay, now I think I'll take a shower and put on people clothes. Well, I'm up and I just need another cup of coffee, but while I'm standing here, I'll just do the dishes." It's like that. It SUCKS for insomnia, though. Because it's so mind-stimulating, it makes sleep difficult. However, if you can't sleep, you'll discover a myriad of things to keep you occupied and entertained.

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