Black Domina Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 18% - 24%

Black Domina is a near-pure indica, with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 5:95. That means the high is centered almost entirely on the body, leaving patients lazy, euphoric, sleepy, and happy. This strain is a product of a four-way crossbreed between Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA, all strong indicas. THC potency is fairly high in Black Domina, topping at least 18% in some tests. Unfortunately, CBD levels are much lower, ruling this out as an exclusive marijuana treatment for seizure disorders or other health problems that respond to CBD. Effective medical uses for this strain include anxiety, low mood, migraine headaches, chronic pain, nausea, stress, and insomnia. The flavor contains notes of citrus, coffee, and nuts, while the smell is a combination of berries, citrus, loam, nuts, and spice. The buds are dark green and purple, with dense, frosty trichomes and lots of sticky resin. Like most cannabis strains, Black Domina comes with the possibility of dry mouth and dry eyes, while dizziness and paranoia are less common. This strain is fairly easy to come by, as it sells well in Connecticut, Arizona, Colorado, California, and the Pacific Northwest. It may also be found on the black market in many places.
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A really unique indica strain.really great flavors and effects and being made from several strains of indica.has been widely available here in OKC for a few an ounce for $66,20%thc and 2% terps.(we have the most dispensaries and the best prices in the country!!!).one of my new favorite indica strains

Unlike some people here who are giving the strain a mediocre review based on the company which they bought it from, I will make a purely strain-based review as reviews should be on this site... This strain is perfect for a late-night smoke-sesh, you definitely want your errands and chores done before toking on this bad-boy. Big dense nuggets without many leaves can be expected if grown adequately. High starts around the eye/forehead area and creeps into a full body sedation. Piney/Citrusy on inhale and spicy/coffee/earthy exhale. Don't be shy, give it a try!

Black Domina by Claybourne Company lost me as a future customer from the start when I unsecured the label taped box & weighed out the eighth at 3.35 grams. On the positive, is the strain. An 95% Indica with 24% THC makes for a great almost all body high. Happy lazy relaxation that makes sleep a breeze. Buds are full fern green with tan pumpkin orange pistils. Light golden peach fuzz hairs & small frosty trichomes cover the buds. Herbal spicy pepper & piney citrus are the scents & flavors. Indica lovers get your Black Domina on, just not when it is by Claybourne Company. Medicate On :)

I bought 7 seeds from World Wide (Single Seed now) back in '12 that all I recall is one named Domina (more or less), a free one, that has made it to be my last one. I'd like a near top shelf pure indica here and it smells skunk early (about three weeks). Outdoor is the plan.

I love this BD! Got everything I need!

I got it as a special from a dispensary in BC, it was good but it wasn't great which was to be expected because it's price was $120/oz. I only vape and with Black Domina I got a sufficient level of pain relief and duration that was strong enough to be overpowering if I vaped a whole .2g but I would often just pack my vape and hit it about 9 - 11 times at 385° which was enough to last a nightly toke session followed by a wake and bake. It was a great entry level Indica that I would recommend as one of the cheaper options to seek if price is what matters to you. I wasn't able to get a sufficient level Body High, so far Blue Dream and ATF have only delivered in this area.

Great nose, purple and light green in color very frosty if grown at altitude of 2700+\-

Right away I was mood improving and became VERY talkative. I was reading him some of your great teaching type articles about smoking, etc. I feel happy, outgoing, a little lazy, but able to get up and do laundry. I have serious joint pain thoughout my body due to several autoimune problems. Black Domina eased the ache of my Psoriatic Arthitis and nothing else has until now. I love it. Mine says 26.35% THC and a whopping 54% CBD. I have a tolerance problem and it is right up there. Very pleasant.

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