Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain


THC: 24%

A pure indica (sativa/indica ratio of 0:100), Blueberry Kush is a favorite offspring of two legends, Blueberry and OG Kush. It packs massive THC contents, topping 24% in at least one publicly available test. This strain contains much lower amounts of CBD, however, much less than 1%. That's too low to recommend Blueberry Kush as treatment for seizures and other conditions that respond to CBD. But it's a good strain for treating anxiety, low mood, ADHD, migraine headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, and nausea. The indica effects are deeply relaxing, happy, euphoric, and sleepy. That makes Blueberry Kush a great late-night strain and an effective way to treat insomnia. This strain has an earthy flavor and aroma with notes of berries and herbs. Dry mouth and dry eyes are widely reported as side effects, while dizziness, paranoia, and headaches are less likely. Popular up and down the West Coast, from Southern California to British Columbia, Blueberry Kush can also be found on the medical marijuana market in Arizona. It's also a frequent find on the black market in many parts of the United States.
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Very good for pain. Good relaxing head high.

Just as most of the other reviews say, a perfect Indica for simply getting the munchies and then going to sleep at night. Just want to add that despite being a sleep inducer and heavy relaxant, Blueberry Kush does not make you feel dulled out. As you relax and get sleepy, you have a pleasant little head and body high bringing you down, instead of a straight sedative, dopey type feeling. My batch was a little more earthy with an after aroma of blueberries.

Today is the first time I’ve had blueberry Kush. I can’t believe how strong the berry taste is, & I’m using oil. It has now shot up to the top of the list of my fave strains! The thc content is high, which is what I need as my tolerance is high. If you haven’t tried it, do so ASAP. Great sedating and pain killing qualities. Mood elevated too. Three thumbs up 😹

Tasted just like blueberries! Really good strain. The effects were happy, calm, hungry and sleepy. Definitely worth trying!

Puts me to sleep this blueberry kush I vape !!

Great smelling weed, though for me, I found that this is good for, appetite and insomnia. If you want to smoke, eat and sleep, then this is for you. I prefer a nice ride before falling asleep, which I don’t feel that it provided.

Love this strain nice buzz nice taste no More Pain in my in knee 🤣😆😜 BEST STRAIN ON THE PLANET

the aroma was intoxicating with notes of blueberry. althiough not couch locked, sleepy time came easy for one with insomnia.

Best smelling bud ever. Taste lingers wonderfully. Relaxing yet uplifting. Blue Dream by day, Blue Kush by night. Great for baking too. Oh, worm4499, keep your politics out of my pot you leftwing lunatic.

Very good strain! One of my favorites. Your hit with an instant high right away, leaving you full of happiness and relaxation. Don't expect to start your day with this strain, you will be very lazy.

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