Hog Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 27%

The Hog is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain of unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy. This bud is internationally recognized as one of the world's strongest strains and users are often advised to use cautionary dosage control when using it. It took home the gold medal in 2012 for Best Indica at the High Times' Cannabis Cup after receiving recognition for its effects. The high is powerful in nature, with an almost immediate onset of a blissfully euphoric state that is heavy in the head, giving you droopy eyes and a spacey mind. As you get lost helplessly in your own disconnected thought, your body will slowly succumb to a creeping body buzz that weighs you down and leaves you helplessly sedated. This couch-locked state is very sleepy in nature, leaving you incredibly drowsy and most likely ending in deep and uninterrupted sleep. These effects and its insanely powerful THC level of 16-25% on average makes The Hog the perfect bud for treating conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress or anxiety, and mild to moderate cases of depression. This bud has lumpy piecey medium-sized spade-shaped dark musty green nugs with sparse dark amber hairs and a super sticky coating of sweet syrupy resin. The Hog has a classic aroma of skunky earth with a spicy floral pungency that can be detected after the nugs are burned. The flavor is less harsh, with an earthy skunkiness that's accented by pungent floral and sweet spice.
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Incredibly strong and sedating, not overly harsh but not mellow either. When the sleep meds I take aren’t working and I get tired of flopping in bed I turn to the hog, works every time.

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Body High, Mellow, SleepyHelp Me With: InsomniaAromas: Diesel, SkunkyFlavors: Peppery, Pine, Spicy

I was feeling too couch locked, and I didn't want to be that way. I looked up Hog expecting it to say that it was indica. Sure enough, there it is. I'm looking for something livelier, more sativa. I want to do stuff.

This strain is amazing for neuropathy, restlessness from the pain is washed away. It is the most relaxing go lay down and enjoy the relief strain. Highly recommend for evening use. It did make my eyes feel very dry, but I’ll take that over the crippling pain any day! Namaste🙏🏽🦋🌹

New favorite strain! First the look is amazing with a nice coating of crystal, it makes some buds almost full white. Second, the smell is unreal. A mix of dank bud and vanilla, the only way I could describe it is dessert pot. Third and most important, the high is a very euphoric, lazy stone. Gets the mind going while the body does the opposite, it's a great strain to relax with or dive into some art/hobby work!

I absolutely love this girl! Been smoking for almost 30 years and this strain is Top 5. The white hairs are just amazing.

I typically do not write reviews as 50 years of toking has shown me that 90% of bud is pretty much the same. HOWEVER - every so often one comes along that set’s itself apart. Living in the MidWest, Mag Landrace, is one of them and now H.O.G. What a wonderful relaxing couch lock indica. We purchased prerolls and the smoke is very smooth with a piney? Banana? Exhale. But let’s get to the action – or dare I say in-action. Some say it’ induces sleep but I say it induces a comatose response rather than sleep. Oh – you will HEAR the music or HEAR the TV but can you do anything about it? No. OH – you are “awake” for sure but cognoscente of your surroundings? Not so much. Certainly a night time strain and we LOVE it however - don't get to excited about wild conversations and beefy arguments. Bravo! This is in the top 10 of all strains and near the top of all indicas in the last 50 years. Prerolls are a little much even for this heavy toker so use it as a blend OR bust get all couch locky! Both work!!


One of the greatest strains ever i am so thankful its close to me on the regular.

One of my favorite strains is definitely The Hog or Haracept as it’s called at my local dispensary, but when I bought and tried the same strain in a shatter it totally blew me away. The best and most complete narcotic and euphoric feeling I’ve ever gotten. Watching t.v. or listening to music is so damn great on this shatter, but beware it’s a creeper, I took 2 normal hits with my Terp Pen when the battery light started to flash letting me know my battery needed charging, at first I was pissed off that I only got 2 hits before the battery went dead but about 10 minutes latter I was very glad that I only was able to get two hits off this shatter, I was soooo happily stoned and numb laughing at everything that I was watching on t.v. Now I’m not a nube teenager with a low tolerance, I’m a 56 year old vet but this strain of shatter made me feel like a teenager again. Absolutely fantastic is all I can say, def a #1 in my top favs.

Easily 8.5 out of 10. This is the fluffiest shit I've ever seen. 3.5 grams out of script- empty it out and it looks like 7 grams. Not the furriest flower on the trichome front, nor does it smell pungent. The taste isn't anything to write home about, in that it's not unique to me. Get the earthy tones for sure though, just not super strong. BUT... it does taste and smell like indica. It's effects feel like indica dominant, or possibly pure like the description says. Shout out to this site, btw. The reviews and strains are good info, sometimes even more descriptive than the apps big companies have. Now on the smoke, created nice thick clouds from a vax mini ( pax knockoff). Had a half pack. Couch/ bed locked shortly after having it. Pretty heavy eyes, .and stiffness and neuropathic pains were gone.Perfect indica for general inflammation pain, insomnia, deep stress from hard labor, arthritis.etc. Shitty day? , this is a great one. This was at 24% It grinded perfect for a vaporizer. Prob terrible if you wanted to press it, would say no to that.. but for some fresh fluffy indica 24 dollars for 3.5 grams of medicine is pretty cheap. Should last normal consumers a while... thank God it's available medically in my state.. life changing. This strain needs more reviews, leave yours too! And grow some cactus while you are at it.

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