Pink Cookies Marijuana Strain


THC: 20%

One of the indica options on the market is Pink Cookies. It is sometimes referred to as Wedding Cake. This hybrid is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The appearance is a mix of light green and dark green. The buds will be covered with frosty orange and dark purple hairs when it is time to harvest. It offers about 20% THC. The smell of Pink Cookies is very Earthy and thick. Sometimes, the smell of garlic and black pepper is associated with it. The taste is a combination of pepper and spice. This strain can make you very sleepy, so it is best to use it at night. It is often used by those that suffer from insomnia or high levels of stress. It has a calming effect that can also help increase appetite. It is also used for mild types of chronic pain including arthritis.
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It creeps up and kills any pain and soreness you're facing. It will also help you sleep in higher doses. I love the smell and taste of this strain (wedding cake/pink cookies). It's like walking into a bakery, especially the float distillate I've been picking up from Surterra. It's usually pretty potent, too. The only drawback for myself is that there is a fine line between smoking enough and too much bc it knocks me out at higher doses. But it is also somewhat of a creeper, so it can be hard to judge dosing sometimes...either that or I am just an anxious and over eager to pack another bowl. ;-) Also, I typically avoid medicating with this during the daytime bc it eventually makes me lazy/sleepy.

This strain is absolutely great throughout the day helps you get through whatever it is your doing and whatever stress going on upstairs. Very smooth high😎

Knockout strain, spiced aftertaste but very pleasant! Highly recommend!!

I am adhd so this strain doesn't make me couch locked .it is a head high and my eyes feel heavy I'm actually watching TV and working on my bills writing this.

Love this Strain I felt amazing ! 💚

A favorite up there with white cookies and durban cookies. A wonderful balance of gassy sweet and dank terps. If you've had all of the other stuff such as Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Gellato (Larry Bird) etc. and If you like those you will like this one, for sure. Super dense nugs, Love to just crack the jar and smell. While one can smoke this all day for most its probably better for evenings, as it does tend to make you kind of sleepy after a while. A+

Very relaxing , great for before bed

Not much of a head high....more of a body high, but some level of soreness in extremities with this as I was working out and doing a lot of activity while on this.

My favorite strain it's called million dollars baby in Las Vegas

Better known as Wedding Cake this strain is worth enjoying when you come across it. Buds are amazing. Dense, dark green & dark purple in color & are covered in bright dark orange pistils with crystal trichomes. Scent & flavor was interesting kind of a sweet & spicy. Effects made me happy & euphoric followed by relaxation without being sleepy unless i over smoked or it was the end of the day. Indica dominate with 18% THC. Peace ecaeP

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