Pink Cookies Strain


THC: 20%

One of the indica options on the market is Pink Cookies. It is sometimes referred to as Wedding Cake. This hybrid is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The appearance is a mix of light green and dark green. The buds will be covered with frosty orange and dark purple hairs when it is time to harvest. It offers about 20% THC. The smell of Pink Cookies is very Earthy and thick. Sometimes, the smell of garlic and black pepper is associated with it. The taste is a combination of pepper and spice. This strain can make you very sleepy, so it is best to use it at night. It is often used by those that suffer from insomnia or high levels of stress. It has a calming effect that can also help increase appetite. It is also used for mild types of chronic pain including arthritis.
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Great strong euphoric effect!

I like this strain, it helps me sleep better at night and it's quite popular in my area, I think that a 28.6% thc level has something to do with that.

why do they call it cookies when it smells like garlic bread? spicy taste too not really like cookies at all

Well I had this strain for 8 months n its so far so good its second time growing it,it seem pretty strong plant ,n its pretty plant it dose the job it's head hi it hit u hard

good stuff the buds are hard frosty with orange hairs and purple spots it hit pretty hard its effects different from regular girl scouts cookies its more balanced and social, taste good smell good the high kicks in right away its a deep high but not to the point you don't want to move ps. it may make some people talk alot like someone i know haha

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