Purple Kush Marijuana Strain


THC: 22%

Purple Kush is a 100% pure indica strain created as a potent cross between the insanely popular Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani strains. This dank bud was named one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains in the World by High Times magazine and boasts a THC level that ranges from 22% on average. Users describe the Purple Kush high as having an immediately uplifting euphoric head high that leaves you completely pain-free and slightly introspective. This is accompanied by a warming numbing body high that starts in the head and spreads throughout the body, leaving you completely relaxed and sedated. Upon the come down, you'll be eased into a deep and powerful pain-free sleep that lasts hours on end. Due to these potent effects, Purple Kush is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, nerve damage, and muscle spasms. Purple Kush has an iconic smell of earthy sweet grapes and a taste of earthy red wine. These buds have small furry bright neon green nugs with rich purple and fiery orange hairs and dark purple undertones. These nugs are frosty with fine white trichomes and sticky with sweet resin.
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Great strain. Super smooth. Great for insomnia. So smooth like a big ol jet airliner coming in for a landing. Great Indica. I also judge a strain on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I always feel positive and ready to go with this strain. Totally recommend.🌺

I got purple kush from TJs farms. Definitely on the top 3 of favorite farms with perfectly trimmed plump nuggets of beauty and aroma. I am surprised with the basic building blocks of these two parents create such a hard hitting and beautiful looking flower. Best indica I have smoked lately and this one that is godlike in quality sure to puts me to sleep which not a lot of cultivars can do.

One of the better indices of late. I received mine from TJs farms here in Oregon and his farm produces some of the best buds I have seen (top 10% quality wise from what I see and get at dispensaries around town). When grown to its potential this strain is very nice while make you fall asleep!

Olive green & purple buds with burnt orange hairs with fine trichomes. Sweet, fruity, & earthy was the tastes & smells. High was happy & uplifted followed by heavy body relaxation, then sleep. Another Kush strain worth purchasing if you are a fan, like myself!

I love this strain. Its very sticky on breakup. Smells like berries & a hint of grape flavoring. Purple hues on flower with dark orange hairs & tons of crystals. Smokes absolutely great along with the tastes. Deff a strain to pick up

One of my favorite indica's by far great for relaxing and works great for anxiety and pain.

Undoubtedly my favorite Kush of all time!!! Love the pungent grape taste, scent, and wonderful high that follows!! I Love smoking this strain with my girlfriend!! She's a Kush Girl now!! On my top ten list for sure, but best for nighttime use as many others have emphasized

I grew Purple Kush several years in a row right after it took honors in High times magazine. Before picking, the aroma was sweet and floral and fruity. After drying it and gassing it off a few times, the buds took on the exact strong smell of roses. The aroma endured being lit and came through the smoke. The most pleasurable smoke Ive had, and Ive been growing my own since 1977. It got hard to find clones of PK so for years I had to do without. Just found it again this year by chance 2018. I cant wait. Big Kacky

Not only is this one of the most effective meds you can get , but it might just be some of the prettiest weed you’ll ever see. It serves a very basic purpose. If you have pain that keeps you from sleeping. Purple Kush is for you. If you have insomnia, Purple Kush is for you. This is an effective Indica that looks and taste great. It’s a classic. For sleep this is one of my favorite. Now go get some rest 🤪.

My new favorite Indica! Taste is amazing. Great for a good nights sleep forsure!

Don't like the taste and I don't like the scent. The smoke is too thick and it burns my throat. BUT! It still gets 4 stars because it knocks me and my insomnia out cold for the night. This cannabis strain is perfect for nighttime and then straight into bed, or it's sleepy time on the couch. I'm not sure what it does for my pain because I'm never awake long enough to find out. Though, I do stay asleep so there probably is some pain relief involved. Purple Kush is a must have in my medicine pouch. Sleepless nights are a thing of the past.

The most effective strain for me. A clear-headed euphoria helps you create a gentler outlook on life. Stimulates motivation and focus, whether for getting to that unwritten letter, cleaning the house, or some daily stretching. Yoga folk will luv the purple kush. Helps with social anxiety - allows me to be more myself around others. Conversations seem to unfold more from the heart. Elevates into a head space where you stop being so hard on yourself. If you deal with being ashamed with the way you've gone about your day/ life, the high brings a wider perspective of acceptance. If that sounds cool to you, give it a try. For context, I'm a 2-3 hit off a joint, and smoke 3-4 times a week kind of fella.

This takes Indica to a whole new level for this old pro... The berry smell combines with that smoothenesss like only a good Kush can do. The taste lasts long witu this. You go straight up... And then get higher. My new fav...

So pure That it got me through the oil drought.

Excellent, I love it, exactly what it says it does, pure Indica and that's what I love, helps me sleep and eat, couch locker for sure

Beautiful sleepy indica. No paranoia, total body melt, pain relief. Just dont plan to stay awake This stuff turned me into a narcoleptic fainting goat. The stronger 27 percent thc is more awake than the 22 percent.

Edibles made with this strain, when prepared the right way, can leave you with an all-day high with just a small amount. I can cut a pan of brownies, made with just an eighth, into about 50 pieces, and each little 50th of 1/8th will knock out even hardcore smokers. It’s one of my favs!

Im lookong to try purple kush for my paine i dont want to use pain killers any more ive smoked weed for a long time and its helped me with pain and not being adddictedank . To pain killers so if you guys can help me and send me what i got to have to order this product and i allso suffer from depretion so my address is 7550dogwood street keystone hights fl 32656 so if you can send me some brosurse and any info on what i got to do to get my own stash were i dont have to buy it on the street that would be grate thank you from adam s

Good review. For me, relieves anxiety, getting more in tune with the body, good for overcoming procrastination and sinking into a good stretching session. One of my favourites.

Perfect strain for relaxation stress and pain.

very nice i want more

It is the bomb a nice Mellow High

euphoria, really pleasant body high, complete relaxation. So helpful for anxiety and winding down at night 🌚

I just dabbed on this strain today. Been giving it a Test run and I LOVE it! Its got an Uplifting Happy Euphoric Cerebral High and a Tingly Body buzz that lasts for Hours. I hit this at 2pm this afternoon and went through my day, its 7pm and I still got a pleasant buzz. I went shopping, ran errands and even swam in the pool for 45 minutes. Making dinner right now as I type th is about to go take another dab. But I felt this was good on the anxiety and it wasn't couch locking, at least for me it wasnt. Maybe being well rested helps. A wonderful strain though, if you get the chance to try it.

no pain, no anxiety thank You ☝🏼

I've traditionally been more of a Hybrid or Sativa guy but lately I've been seeking out Indica dominant strains for really chilling out & taking the edge off. Just got a nice zip of this. Round full fluffy purple & green nugs. I dig it. I'm chillin majorly & glad to have plenty of this in my immediate future 4.5 Stars

I'm new to this strain, but I'm loving it. It gives me a nice head rush followed by a great body stone. Nice taste, fairly smooth.

Not feeling this bud I need Gelato best bud out there

Very good picture's very informative!

the bomb..no pain

whats wth the turds down there sumone mustve got a bad batch that sucks...dont let one bad cultivar ruin it for ya man lol ive had it before and it always gave me a good heady high great for contemplation getting the house clean and exercise even great for depression and pick me up when yer tired

Best bud ever..

Pain free and so calm! This is by far my new favorite stain.

This strain gives a really good high, but you have to take big hits for the same effect, other than that, it's definitely a strain for the more medical side, my aching muscles don't hurt as bad, my stomach pain went down, and overall I'm happier. I would recommend this strain for people with light muscle spasms and depression.

A+++++++++++++++ Wow this bud is so freaking strong. One hit and you'll be knocked completely flat on your back if you're not careful. Does wonders for insomnia and appetite loss, believe me.

Purple Kush is a really hard hitting Indica it's a grape sweet tasting then when you exhale it goes into a euphoric happy numbing high it's very good for stress depression and for pain is wonderful 4.5 Stars

Purple Kush is a Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani Indica hybrid that has 20% THC potency. Purple Kush is fully indica, so if you’re in need of a deep body high that allows you to relax your day away, then this strain is your best option. Patients usually prefer Purple Kush because of its ability to relieve symptoms of insomnia, depression, inflammation and appetite loss. Purple Kush is not a strain that you’d want to smoke throughout a busy day because it can put you in a sedative state.

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