ACDC Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 1% - 5%, CBD: 12%

[ACDC is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the infamous Cannatonic X an unknown Ruderalis strain. If you're looking for a high level of medicinal relief with a punch of lifted energy, you've found it with ACDC. This bud packs an insane amount of CBD with a mellow yet uplifting high that will have you feeling amazing in both mind and body in no time at all. You'll feel an energy fill your mind a few minutes after your final toke, lifting you with a sense of focused euphoria and happiness. You'll feel euphoric with an increase in sociability that has you carrying on happy conversations with those around you with ease. A sense of physical relaxation will accompany this lifted state, keeping you anchored and totally calm from head to toe. With these effects and its super high 12% average THC level and 1-5% CBD level, ACDC is perfect for treating a variety of conditions including chronic stress or anxiety, arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, inflammation, depression, neuropathy and migraines or headaches. This bud has a lightly spicy and peppery pine flavor with sweet hints of fruity berry and cherry, The aroma is light and mellow with a pepper earthy overtone accented by spicy pine and fresh earth. ACDC buds have tight popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with lots of thin light orange hairs and a coating of tiny golden amber crystal trichomes.
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Perfect anytime high. Family, professional, or intimate settings Are perfect for the high you get with AC/DC. Calming, long-lasting body high with an energizing kick to get you moving. I actually wouldn’t call the buzz you get a “high”. More accurate and to call it “lifted”. That’s just what it is. A spirit-lifter without any Stoney feeling.

Very good video I suffer from chronic prostatis and I stink the process of seeking out pain and anxiety relief anyone out there with other favorites I am trying to avoid the thc psychoactive buzz

I never believed that CBD would affect me but I use ACDC daily (four vapes, four times a day). I know it has no or little psychotropic affects, but I tell you, after smoking some high THC strains, I can get a rush from this strain. To me this strain is indispensable if you are sensitive to Sativa's propensity for anxiety or paranoia. I always follow smoking Sativa with vaping this strain from Truleive Florida. It seems to relax me, but not in an Indica sense. It's subtle, but there. Very gentle vape as I have never coughed on it. Taste reminds me of Camphor mixed with Pine.

Got acdc from tweedlefarms last Sept and was very surprised at not only the initial quality but the effects it had. Suffering from neuropathic pain,,arthritis, random joint pain from work, and chronic migraines... it is very helpful. To me it's a sort of uplifting strain..can actually get motivated to do things. Not pyschoactive but it gives some stress relief for sure as well, without any narcotic or sedative effects Tweedlefarms is an EXCELLENT online vendor that ships to all 50 states , totally organic, and gives lab results with each order. They have a vast terpene knowledge and it shows...and they ship perfectly. This strain is very tasty in a vape device. For you folks looking for almost zero thc , or to mix this with thc heavier strains.... it will totally make your day.

This is my 2nd favorite strain. The high CBD treats pain amazingly without giving you a head-high. This is perfect for being able to smoke for the pain relief but worried about where you need to go next or what you might have planned coming up. It worked wonders for back cramps/spasms but allowed me to still have 100% focus on my work. It made me in a relaxed very mellow mood which helped with how easily irritated I can get.

I know I had already given a review, but that was in bud form. just used this as an RSO (ricky simpson oil)..... jeeez did it get me buzzed? you bet. bout an hour and a half after a grain of rice size under the tongue, I was trying to figure out a new video game in a conspiracy sense. LOL! had only a couple moments of paranoid thoughts but was able to bring it back down to earth very easily. so this being my first time I will back it down to just a smidge on the end of a toothpick or match tip the next time. no complaints to be honest. it is more watery than the more potent stuff like painkiller #3 oil. it does taste like eating the plant but has a little spicy hot flavor as well in the back of the throat for about 10 min. I did feel just capital about 45 min into it. hopefully this helps. PS I will get this every time my dispensary has it just to have it around. god bless!

I'm a fan of mixing it with most everything for everything that ails me. I prefer Harlesin with a 3% THC level, as it is great for body aches, but this is my second choice, for a high CBD strain

I bought AC/DC from an online vendor. It contains 1.8% THC & 5% CBD plus several others for a total of 8.8% cannabinoids, which seems to be just the right combo for my needs. The smell is like fresh-squeezed lemon/lime juice with bright, sweet overtones. It provides a clear-headed happy sensation that relieves pain & helps me focus on whatever I'm doing. There is no next-day headache like I get with the super high-CBD strains like Cherry Wine, which contains 14% CBD. My AC/DC looks nothing like the dank buds sold in dispensaries but I'm quite sure it's the same thing...just poorly grown. I actually do get a small buzz from it due to the small THC content, which is about as much as I like in my cannabis.

I love ACDC... vaped some Nectar Concentrate filled into a ceramic clearomizer, felt good all morning. Not quite a wake n bake that time, but a few good draws before work got me pain free, less irritable, and easy to get along with... ha! The concentrate taste is unique and didn't taste the rest of my stash...very delicious! Cheers

I love and appreciate this video. Thank you so much!

I have a neurological disorder , cervical dystonia . I experience tremor and a great deal of pain , this strain provides me with a great deal of relief, it is very calming and helpful for getting a good nights sleep, I love it !

I used to smoke for the high when I was younger. never thought of it as medicine to be honest with you. now i'm older mid 30's, have problems, and have a medical marijuana card. that being said, the higher the CBD, the more medicinal the plant is. I like to compare the CBD effect to a pain pill replacement. the sativas do keep you alert and the indica will tend to keep you at rest. ACDC does make me feel down right better. it is calming and does make me engage in conversation with people when I normally wouldn't. I feel like getting things done after a few tokes. it is, I believe, for the mature smoker who is after the benefits and not so much the high from marijuana. if any strain is not at least a 4:1 cbd/thc ratio I won't touch it. just wish I could find this in a vape form. also, in my opinion only, it sobered me up a bit when I felt I've drank too much. that's when the giggling began. LOL! hope this helps. peace.

First time trying it for anxiety to try and get off my meds. So far so good. I like this guys videos!!

Flowers. Surprisingly Very relaxing, sleep like a baby and so far, "knock on wood", no positive thc results.

Smells and tastes great. I'm also THC-sensitive. Outstanding for my anxiety, for sleep, back pain. Combining this with yoga and regular exercise will do wonders for you. Cheers.

5.96% cbd, 4.86% thc Flower, smoked in glass Very good smell and taste, buds were light green with beautiful orange hair a little dry though, buds were also very small. The high is mostly in the head, a very happy high, slightly anxious, heavy eyes, relieved my pain pretty well. Overall I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

If you are THC sensitive this is the strain for you. I have chronic pain and refuse to take opiate pain medication for personal reasons, so this saved me from sleepless nights and pain filled days. The only problem is that the THC varies. I found the one that i am using in Maine at .9 THC and 19% CBD, perfect! However, the NETA strain has 2% which is to psychoactive for me. I am still looking for that perfect less than 1% batch out there as my supply is quite low. If you have access this strain induces relaxation, anxiety relief, and enhanced feeling of well being.

This is a favorite of mine. Very light in the head with total body relaxation and calmness. Makes me giggle as well. Works on my nerve pain and seems to be a migraine preventative.

This really worked great for my knee pain, took about 20 min for the effects to fully set in. Pain was gone for the whole evening after a small bowl.Great effect with out being high and was able to function without any issues.

I'm a new user for medical reason, so don't want or need a "head high", BUT do need pain relief, as well as muscle spasms relief, think I found what will work. The other choice is B.B. King from MTG seeds, yet trying to find something from"cali" for what I need is nuts. This does the job, so now I'm trying to get some seeds for myself, any info would be helpful. Good for pain and muscle troubles WITHOUT mental masturbation effects.

I just got an1/8 of this for Cinco De Mayo and it was on sale for $10 a gram,I had it before from this same dispencery and absolutely love it and would recommend it for pain and anxiety, I have pain from knee surgery and I get anxiety from time to time,great strain and it looks and smells awesome.

Just bought some of this AC/DC, and really like the affect it has on my anxiety and mood.

My girlfriend uses this daily and praises its effects. She suffers from severe anxiety and this is way better than all the pills her doctors give her. Thank you guys and please keep this in stock, can't find this high cbd anywhere in spokane and you guys are local!

There was no duration between smoking this and feeling it. I virtually instantly started feeling a head buzz around the temples and back of the skull. I had a mild rambling moment where my thoughts went off on seven tangents at once. It didn't seem to last very long, then I entered a severely zombie high that had decent legs. I had no pain, no physical sensations, and the end of this was very sleepy. Overall, a decent little High-CBD strain good pain relief effect and had a nice nap at the end.

Destroyed my cancer, now I am free of that dreadful disease, will keep watch.

Amazing! The best I've tried so far, also has the highest strain of CBD I've found yet. I would highly recommend this strain to anyone who is looking to be pain free without feeling super stoned and stupid, lol.

I used to be an everyday smoker and loved it. 4 years ago after healing from a very severe burn to my left hand I experienced PTSD and for about 2 weeks I was having horrible panic attacks everyday. After that weed changed from taking away my anxiety to causing it. I quit smoking for just over 3 years and recently discovered this strain at my local shop. It is a miracle flower, I was starting to think I'd never be able to smoke again and feel good, but this stuff has changed that. It's amazing to be able to smoke and just wind down from a long day, I've missed that relaxation. so if you are experiencing anything like what I have, you can feel confident that this is a bud you can smoke and you will feel wonderful.

Great strain i never thought i will be smoking again cuz of thc gets me feeling weird i dont like the high But high CBD strains are nice and good for ppl that have anxiety and panic atacks this helps you relax and make you feel happy good for ppl that suffer from dispersion i feel good i quit smoking cigarette and drinking beer and this medicine help me alot to relax and sleep at night :)

I have been using this for my seizures and it works, for me. It's cut my seizures down tremendously, I think that if you have seizures that have not been completely controlled try this. I can't speak to "getting euphoric" but I do get happy when I think about how long it's been since my last seizure. Andrea California

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