Allen Wrench Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 19% - 22%

One of the newest strains of marijuana is Allen Wrench, and it is showing itself to be quite impressive. This hybrid is a cross between NYC Diesel and Trainwreck. Both of these strains are good quality and the result is a hybrid with all the best qualities they offer rolled into one. The smell it offers is sour but the taste is very crisp and delicious. It tastes like sour fruit. The smell is one that often resembles various types of flowers and a mixture of fruits. The high it offers is very intense and the room will have a strong essence that lingers for several hours after use. Allen Wrench leaves are dark green in color and as the time for harvesting gets closer, orange pistils will grow. The flowering time takes about 10 to 11 weeks. The smell is a cross between skunky and grapefruit. The smell is very strong. The THC level is 21%. Individuals often use Allen Wrech to increase appetite and to improve mood. It is also used as a means of offering more energy and alertness. Some individuals find it helps them to be more creative. It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety.
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I picked up a 1/4 of Allen Wrench from locals canna house on a trip to spokane washington in september , i am from Massachusetts and we dont have super potent strains like this one back home 35.3 % thc posted on the jar ,and boy did it deliver best uplifting all day high ever

I picked up 3.5g of this, grown by Artizen Cannabis, Harvested on 11/12/2016, it was consumed on 2/8/2017. The nugs on this one were small and dense, and completely covered in crystals. The smell is earthy and pungent, but the taste is all chemical and tar - definitely not my favorite tasting strain, thus the 4 stars. The high comes on slowly, with some light body relaxation, but creeps up on you and hits hard with a blast of euphoria and a slight dizziness. It's not an unpleasant high, but it does come with quite a bit of dry mouth.

Got me feeling like i smoked a redbull lol

I may have given this a slightly higher score if I hadn't paid $13.50 for a friggin prerolled joint... But after paying way too much I got way too little out of it. I mean for $20 I got a Gstick wrapped in wax that put a party of 4 in a coma... But this $13.50 Joint couldn't lower an eyelid, not even with a right jab. Artizen isn't a bad farm, one of the better B grade farms, they nail flavor and aroma, fall short on high and overly machine trim their product (cuts off lots of trichomes) hence the B. But as long as they are under $10/gram, then I would buy a couple strains at a time (maybe not the Allen wrench though)... (Artizen, I am sure you agree that you are a great B, but too many A farms out there are better... know your roll, keep killing it in B grade, don't let the shops hurt your name by overcharging and trying to put you on top shelf, or you will see a lot of butt-hurt reviews)

This is a good strain but a little harsh , I love all Artizen products but don't quite have the lungs for this one, lol

I just tried this lately, it's as good as advertised, but everything you sell is all the best, so how could one go wrong. The one I purchased was named Popcorn, which relates to the shape of the product. Very compact little popcorn . I found this was great, as a load fell out of my Vap, and I could not only find it easy, but I could easily pick it up ! Peace dl

Densest nugs I've ever smoked. Has a strong funky smell, almost grapefruitty. The people at Artizen definitely know how to grow and cure some good bud.

Some sour taste, Very nice smell, Nice hard nugs

Smokes great taste great smells great looks great awesome plant

It is a toss up between Artizen's Allen Wrench and Grape ape for bud that is grown right and smokes gentle. The buds look like they came out of your dreams and you only cough while smoking it when your being greedy on your hit. Artizen is a top contender for best producer that I have had the pleasure of smoking.

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