Batgirl Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 18% - 24%

Batgirl is a rare slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through crossing the infamous Jack's Cleaner X Blueberry strains. The flavor of Batgirl is exactly what you'd expect with its parentage – sweet blueberry with an almost harsh spicy chemical exhale. The aroma takes on what can only be described as berry scented cleaner, although it does have some pepperiness added to it for good measure. The Batgirl high isn't one you'd want for when you have to go out and defend the city – it's pretty hazy and relaxing rather than energizing. It does have a light energy to it on the onset that lifts your spirits and makes you feel tingly and slightly aroused. This quickly fades into a deep sense of calm and a hazy heady effect that makes it difficult to concentrate and even more difficult to get up off of the couch. Thanks to these effects and its super high 18-24% average THC level, Batgirl is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress, fatigue, mood swings, and depression. This bud has lumpy spade-shaped olive green nugs with rich blue undertones, bright amber hairs, and a coating of thick amber crystal trichomes.
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