Jack's Cleaner Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Jack's Cleaner is Sativa dominant cannabis that is produced by crossing The Cleaner with Jack Herer. It is bred by the TGA Subcool. It has roots from Purple Haze, Lamb's Bread, Northern Lights and Pluton. It has a flowering period ranging between six and eight weeks and produces a heavy yield with yellow colored buds that are covered with white colored raised trichomes. It has a very sticky appearance. It has a high potency and a THC level of around 18 percent. Due to its mild potency, this strain can be used during night and day easily. It has a fresh, pine flavored aroma, but its taste is quite strong and is a blend of chemical, lime and pine flavors. The strain makes you feel highly euphoric, energetic and happy. It also has an uplifting and a lazy effect on some people. Due to its relaxing high, Jack's Cleaner is perfect for treating stress and anxiety. It soothes away all the symptoms of stress and depression and makes you feel relaxed and happy. In addition to that, it can also be used by the medical patients suffering from nausea, pain and insomnia. Its side-effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.
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I was friends with SUBCOOL back in the nineties when he came up with Jacks Cleaner . At the time it was the best I ever smoked ! Still in the top ten ! He had mad respect for Jack , and they were friends for a few years before Jack passed. Sub was a good teacher, and generous with his flower. I have only seen him once since then, at a convention out west, where he signed a copy of Dank for me. He was a good guy, and an excellent grower ! He will be missed ! Wish I could’ve talked to him before he passed, but he’s with Jack now, enjoying some bud, and good conversation !! I’ll never forget Monty, he was a part of my life for a year or two, and I thank him for all he showed me . RIP brother, ur strains will live on forever !!!

This product in Maryland has wonderful THC levels and is a great medical strain. For a 50% indica it is surprising how well it smokes at work :) And with the CBN it will be very relaxing as it ages too.

Very nice buzz, definitely going to be a creative day with my little one, euphoric, not sleepy whatsoever just relaxed, for a new smoker I can see how it could make you sleepy but I'm an all day everyday smoker (in small amounts) and I am definitely able to fully function and stay focused, ready to start the day with my son 💪

dont smoke this if you like kush it sucks, should not be grown it's crap if you like kush this is good to get you paranoid and have anxiety attacks1 out of 5 stars. beware of so called legal weed its shit

Very nice weed in social settings or on the go, nice balance of mind /body. Perfect for a slight to mid level buzz

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