Blueberry Haze Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 18% - 22%

This brew is a cross between the Blueberry and Secret Haze classes. This strain is primarily for individuals with a sweet tooth because of its fruity taste, as the name itself indicates. Considering that the flowers belong between week nine and ten it is very impressive for the Haze class of strains. It has an outstanding THC level of over 18%, giving the patient a very strong yet a clear feeling. This hybrid has a sativa-indica ratio of 60:40 respectively. This strain is known to be demanding when it comes to the effort required to take care of, but it rewards us with highly effective results. Apart from its pain relieving properties, blueberry haze is a proven cure for hyperactivity, stress, nausea, anxiety and lack of concentration. It gives a feeling of happiness to the patient and leaves them in a rather euphoric state, without affecting their senses. The herbal aroma compliments the berry like taste of this strain. It is popular among office-going patients who cannot afford sleep inducing medication.
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Wow… cuz got me a batch. All I can say is all stress of PTSD are gone every time I lean on it! Just such a shame it remains an not a legal treatment option. Have a project… after 10 to 15 minutes you can knock it out! With a large smile!

I just got this and it hit me a little harder than expected I prefer sativas I am daily smoker for many years I also tried their blackberry kush and I mixed them so I can't really say at this time 🙄 I would say if you want to be extremely relaxed either one of these will work for you I' have to give a better review when I've tried one at a time 😂

All the gassy goodness!!!! The smell is so seducing and so are the effects. Great for my pain and spasms! This is one of my absolute faves though!!!

It smells very spicy and blueberry, but still that spicy combined the little hint of skunk is quit apparant. Although, a very lovely strain, it tasted more sweet and wood imo, but I guess it depends on each person. This get me a great clear head high, not too heavy, I'm still able to get things done, but I really can feel the indica part, as it makes me slow. This helps a lot with stress and depression and chronic pain. Not my favorite, but still a lovely aroma strain

Very smooth taste. Great day sativa! Lasts long.

Very nice tasting strain with blueberry and Haze fruity flavors. I would recommend anytime for relieving stress and relaxing.

Spot on description. It’s a medium high on a high grade sativa. They say 60/40, I think it’s more 80/20. I gave it a 4 only due to strength. I am a recently new chronic (medical) smoker and this not the stuff we had in the 70s and 80s.

Blueberry Haze puts a grin on my face;-)

Nice fruity strain, sativa dominant so doesnt send me straight to sleep unless I smoke too much. Very pleasant.

A very giggly high on this strain, I was at the store and was literally stuck for a minute or two walking through the cereal isle. At checkout, I couldn't stop but laughing about the duck on a Bubble Yum pack. It was funnier then.

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