Bodhi Tree Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 14%

Bodhi Tree, also known as the “Tree of Life,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Jack Herer X Temple strains. This bud gets its name from its highly medicinal effects that are beloved for treating a multitude of conditions. The high starts with a slightly energetic lift of happiness and creativity, leaving you feeling euphoric and excited, yet somehow still calm. As the high builds, you'll begin to feel a warming body buzz that doesn't weigh you down, but rather spreads the energy throughout your entire body alongside a feeling of complete ease. These relaxing effects coupled with its 14.77% average THC level make Bodhi Tree ideal for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or cramps. This bud has a classic zesty flavor of sweet lemon with touches of herbs and spices, much like a lemon green tea. The aroma is very grassy and earthy but with a slight lemony zest to it as the nugs are burned. Bodhi Tree buds have large and lumpy tree-shaped forest green nugs with bright fiery orange hairs and tiny clear crystal trichomes.
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