Buffalo Bill Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 25% - 28%

Buffalo Bill is a dank sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created by breeders at Doc and Yeti Farms that boasts an intensely potent 25-28% THC level. This lemony citrus-tasting bud is a cross between Williams Wonder X Killer Chem and has a spicy yet fruity smell. Buffalo Bill has a compressed crystal-coated dark green nug with touches of blue and fiery orange hairs. The high from smoking this bud is often described as an uplifting cerebral feeling and an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness. Buffalo Bill is ideal to treat patients with chronic depression and stress as well as anxiety disorders, as it provides mind relief and a euphoric cerebral high. Because of the sativa dominance, it's recommended to smoke Buffalo Bill during the day rather than at night, especially if you suffer from insomnia or an anxiety disorder. In fact, many seasoned users smoke Buffalo Bill in the mornings to help them wake up and get a jump on their activities for the day, and tend to describe the bud as the perfect wake-and-bake strain.
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Love it. I get the afternoon tip by the previous reviewer. Nice smoke. Above average.

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Doc & Yeti Strain: Buffalo Bill Sativa -- Potency Analysis: TTL 19% CBD 0. 2% THC(A) 18. 8% -- Cost: $15/gram -- The bud had some dense hairs and they were twisty red with super dark buds. -- The taste was super awesome. It was fresh, mouth-filling and juicy marijuana. I have to say I smoked through this so fast - because the high was super brief. -- It was a very smart high, and potent for all it's brevity. I had ideas and could see connections between concepts so clearly - but I sure as shit couldn't get get it down onto paper or digital, and as soon as I was done, I got sleepy and forgety.

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