Cactus Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 15% - 24%

Cactus is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) OR a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created through a cross of the insanely popular Afghani X Northern Lights strains. The exact ratios depend on differences in breeding patterns, but both produce similar effects. Although the THC level of this bud has never been officially lab tested, it is said to be moderately high by users, indicating that it is likely somewhere between 15-20%. Users describe the Cactus high as one that is incredibly well balanced and ideal for day or night use. Almost immediately after smoking this bud, you'll feel uplifted and motivated with a sense of euphoric empowerment ideal for tackling whatever task is at hand. This cerebral effect is anchored by a potent body high that slowly ebbs through your body in lazy waves, leaving you sleep and sedated in a state of utter and complete relaxation. Due to this combination of balanced effects, Cactus is ideal for treating chronic anxiety, pain, muscle spasms, and depression. These buds have an aroma of tangy and sweet citrus pine and a taste of sweet citrus pine with a hint of earthy spice. These buds have small heart-shaped dark forest green nugs with translucent amber hairs and a fine layer of milky trichomes and sweet sticky resin.
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Cactus OG by rythm. Said to be from the original Northern Lights x Afghani genetic line. Instantly slaps you in the face with euphoric happiness. Has a relaxing backbone with just enough uplift to get you at that right spot. You can have your over hybridized, over hyped, new cookies rework. This is where its at. Can feel the power of these landrace genetics work their magic. 29.1% thc & 3+ % terps. Shout out to Fizz6i6

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Euphoria, Relaxing, SociableHelp Me With: Depression, NarcolepsyAromas: Creamy, Earthy, Fruity, PineFlavors: Citrus, Creamy, Vanilla

Love it...nice stoney head high with medical body effects. Long lasting beautiful dense flower! That makes muscle in my legs feel great. Great for me for anxiety, inflammation, and nerve problem releaf. It put out 26.77 Thc. This is my first time trying Catus OG definitely will be back for more.

Tested at 20.9%, no detectable CBD. The description hits all the marks: Tangy, citrusy, pine-like, and a touch of cabbage hits the nose out of the jar. I rolled a small joint, and found it to burn slowly, and produce a lot of resin in the tip. This is not a One Hit Wonder. I smoked about half the joint before Cactus made it's presence known, but when that presence arrived, I was quite impressed. It provides a happy, euphoric buzz for about 20 minutes that slides ever so slowly into a more sedating relaxation. Smaller doses seem to emphasize it's sativa genetics, but this is absolutely a mellow Indica buzz. I had shoulder pains from painting a house, and arthritis; I found this strain perfect for sore afternoons. It doesn't put you to bed right away, but I do find it to be sleepy about 40 minutes into the high. Smoking more brings back the lighter, happy euphoria, and returns some energy. Delicious smoke, with hints of lemon and pine that stay tasty down the bottom of the bowl. A good Indica hybrid for pain that leaves you relaxed, but not over-sedated.

All I care about is results. I have chronic back spasms and arthritis. Throw in a little graveyard shift and insomnia and you had one hurting human here. I have tried, no kidding, 40 or more different strains over the past 4 years. Always seeking relief. Finally I stumbled onto this and finally FINALLY bingo! Cactus takes care of all my needs. Spasm pain is reduced by 75%-95% (which is a lot!) depending on severity of pain. Arthritis pain totally disappears. I don't get super high (a little goes a long way for pain), and I sleep well. No anxiety unless I overdo the vape pen. This comes in a new premium high CBD formula now. Highly recommend with no reservations.

There's a lovely sativa dominant Cactus available at the Herbery in Tigard, OR that has tested at 27.7% THC (new testing).

Ideal strain for pain management without the sleepy fog many outatanding pain strains bring to the table

been getting this strain all summer.....beautiful med green nuggs. I would rate this on the higher side of the thc spectrum based on the 5 samples I have had over the last 3 months. Classic earthy and piney smells and taste-wise. The buds are coated in trich and the smoke is smooth. It's amazing how many strains can be traced back to a NL/AFGHANI landrace cross. We love this strain and if you are an Indica fan, check this one out. All around lovely lovely smoke!

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