Candyland Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 18% - 24%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

If this happy strain evokes images of childhood board games, it's no accident. It's mostly sativa, a crossbreed of Granddaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies. Those genes make for an upbeat, stimulating high that spurs creativity and provides energy for daytime tasks. Euphoria is the prominent effect when smoking Candyland, with a strong mood boost and some relaxation. The exact sativa-to-indica ratio of this strain is unclear, but it contains as much as 24% THC, making it a fairly powerful choice. CBD levels are lower but could still be useful in treating seizures and other conditions. Candyland as a strong sweet flavor and smell, with an earthy, spicy undertone. Its appearance is compact and camouflage-colored, with flecks of gold and shimmering trichomes. It's an ideal strain for treating anxiety and depression, along with bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and ADHD. Dry mouth is a distinct possibility, as are dry eyes and dizziness, while paranoia is less likely. Best for daytime activities, Candyland is a sweet treat any time of day. It's most popular on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan.
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Sweet and smooth yet potent asf. Delicious flavor, great high. Some good top shelf bud right here

Awesome Tasty Buds Candyland is so much fun with pain / stress relief = Highly recommend Candyland 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

1st time trying this strain finally in 2022, ive wanted this strain since the early 2000s but could never find it until now!! Lol....anyway, the taste is like GSC but sweeter....very easy to confuse the two strains honestly....this was mostly purple, but some green, LOADED with more so than most strains ive seen, even more modern ones...this shit makes me feel GREAT....its mostly in my head, but the body high is definitely present....not racey at all, just happy and feeling great....glad I got an ounce.

So sweet tasting and a great happy high. When smoked alongside Banana Pie, it becomes a euphoric happy high, leaving you in a state of complete & total content and bliss. Very similar to the level of happiness you get from an 'E'

Someone gave me some of this.. do I get it in here or how does a person do this? Sure helps my arthritis, sleep disorder and ptsd and migraines. I'd appreciate any help.

Very good sativa, on the smooth side, with a great taste, not too fruity or sweet. Works better than Blue Dream for me. Good for concentration but a little too laid back for cleaning the house :) I love sativas and this one has its place.

Just vaped this if you ever wanted to smoke sweet tarts as a kid and smarties here you go Lol this is the best strain for a curious strain lover that wants pain removal and the ease of anxiety and stress

Love the energy and focus I get from this strain. Always try to have some on hand. Here in Canada it's sold by canopy growth under the strain name "Houndstooth ". Love the taste when vaping dry herb. The 70% sativa 30% indica sits just right for me.

I became so creative after smoking candyland. I'm a drummer and I like to smoke b4 I perform and this is 1 of the best I've had b4 a performance. Good shit dude!

I agree with one reviewer. Does tap into the pain body as opposed to the creative mind. Left me with negative thinking. Doesn't taste like candy. Harsh but strong. Will fuzz u out.

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