Granddaddy Purple Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 20% - 27%, CBD: 1%

Granddaddy Purple, also known as “Grand Daddy Purple” or “GDP” or “Grand Daddy Purps,” is a heavy indica dominant strain created through crossing the classic Big Bud X Purple Urkle strains. This flavorful bud is said to be the grandfather of all weed strains, packing timeless full-bodied effects and an infamous flavor that will leave you begging for more. The Granddaddy Purple high hits you first with a cerebral rush that leaves you feeling completely euphoric although with a slight numbing effect. A slightly psychedelic effect will slowly wash over your mind, leaving it floating through trippy visions as your body falls into a deep sense of relaxation and peace. With effects like these and a powerful 20-27% THC level and almost 1% average CBD level, Granddaddy Purple is the perfect bud for killing the effects of chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and appetite loss. This bud has a super sweet grape flavor that has a heavily pungent harsh aftertaste that can overwhelm some. The aroma is pretty powerful with hints of sweet grape and berry accented by a heavy spicy pungency that's pretty harsh in itself, too. Granddaddy Purple buds are strikingly purple, spattered with bright fiery orange hairs and coated in sweet sticky resin.
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This is my go-to Indica. One toke during the day makes me feel less pain, happy and not sleepy. More is great for sleep. But it has cerebral nuances that make me feel creative and relaxed at the same time. I also must say that my favorite cartridge's strain is GDP, hands down, and that can take you to the moon!

GDP has a hard hitting body high that leaves me extremely relaxed, care free, and happy, while also free of any aches and pains. Good for watching TV , movies, or just chilling out. Absolutely no paranoia or anxiety

Strong stuff but I get real negative vibes. I thought about being attacked and killed by a bear. What fun is that? I at least knew at the time it was the pot making me dwell on this shit.

Coined my user name thanks to GDP ! This strain knocks me out cold every time so its great for insomnia BUT My wife on the other hand says sex is incredible with it and its pretty obvious ! Relaxes ALL the right places and greatly enhances senses especially touch making for extended mind blowing orgasms. **Ladies...WE strongly encourage you to try this one !!!

Ugh what a let down honestly lol. Maybe,y tolerance is to high these days... 33 been smoking since 18.... i’ve just read such great things about the strain and I got some very good looking flower and rather pleasant smelling purple sour smell. The actual high was quite a letdown though,,, no special euphoria of the mind or the body and it actually took more than a couple tokes to get me feeling faded at all. ✌️ some of the apparent classics just don’t live up to the hype these days.

Taste taste taste thats what this strain is all about. Its a heavy indica and there's plenty of those available. The taste is what sets it apart from others. The buds are typically dense and big. I had a batch one time that were 7gr nuggets lol just clubs. Love it and always have some on hand.

Great nighttime smoke. I’m not really a indica fan, though granddaddy purple is a good one. I got hit with a giddy feeling right away, as my body started to feel completely relaxed. After 20 minutes, full on couch lock, with no more anxiety or stress. Good for depression too. A good way to end the day, and prepare for a good night sleep 😎🌱🍭

The 2021 version of a timeless classic is indeed that much better than just a few years back. Frosty multi color purple nugs taste like you'd expect. Be prepared to sit down after this one. Get it if you can find it. A winner every time.

I really am more of a Sativa or Sativa Dominant toker, so Granddaddy Purple is not my preferred high. Also, even though it’s an iIndica Dominant Hybrid, it doesn’t work for sleep (at least not for me). Plus, it kinda bums me out during the day, and has little to no effect at night. My favorites so far are Pineapple Express and Lemon Haze!!

A good tasting and long lasting indica. Kinda spacey at first and you can feel the indica effects after a minute or two... after I smoked a couple couple of rips from my bong I made another bowl mixed with some good indica based hash...

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