Citrine Jack Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 24% - 29%

Citrine Jack is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (75% sativa/25% indica) created through crossing the infamous Citrine X Jack Herer strains. This bud takes your favorite effects of both of its parent strains and amplifies them with an unforgiving 24-29% average THC level. The high comes on fast and hard with a rush of cerebral effects that launch their way through your brain almost as soon as you exhale. You'll feel an influx of creative energy and motivation that infuses you with the power you need to get on your to-do list with ease. A relaxing body high with a buzzy effect keeps you anchored as your mind soars higher and higher into deep clarity and focus. With these hard-hitting effects and its high potency, Citrine Jack is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, migraines or headaches, nausea or appetite loss, and depression. This bud has a sweet lemony pine flavor with a sharp earthy exhale. The aroma is of woody earthy herbs with a sharp sour effect that's released as the nugs are burned. Citrine Jack buds have oversized airy bright neon green nugs with golden undertones, bright orange hairs, and a coating of golden amber crystal trichomes.
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