Dutchberry Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 17%

Dutchberry is a sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through a cross of the tasty Dutch Treat X DJ Short Blueberry Strains. Like its name suggests, this bud has a delicious berry flavor that melts on your tongue with touches of sweet earth and sugary vanilla. The aroma is a little harsher, with a sharp punch of pungent citrus and pine with a sweet overtone of pungent rotting berries. Dutchberry buds have piecey small olive green nugs with light amber hairs that are coated in tiny light amber crystal trichomes. The Dutchberry high is one that's somehow both calming and energetic without causing any anxiety. It starts with an uplifted head rush that boosts you mood and infuses you with creative energy and a sense of well-being. This is accompanied by a full-body relaxation that settles into your entire body in a numbing wave without weighing you down. In this state, you'll have tendencies to fall into fits of giggles or become very introspective and distant, so beware. Because of these effects and its moderately high 17% average THC level, Dutchberry is often chosen to treat patients suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, and mood swings.
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Omg, first time reviewing a strain and this is really something special. Instantly uplifts and draws me into the berry and citrus notes and I felt happy just smelling the buds. Puffs very nicely, awesome aroma, quickly uplifting and gives a creative and artistic, very chill and relaxing, and the world feel much brighter. Amazing vibe with Dutchberry and not much is needed. Time passes too quickly. Would buy more than a gram next time. Prefer this over Molten Core and Dutch Treat. A good alternate flower when I can't find orange octane to boost joy and all's well feeling.

It's one of the few strains that actually left an impression on me. I have moderate depression, anxiety, and mood swings so it really fits. It's the best anti depression strain I found so far.

This marijuana is wonderful. It melted away all my depression and all my bad memories seemed like not that big a deal. Zero paranoia, just happiness and joy. I struggle with depression and anxiety and half a joint of this made it feel like that cloud that hangs over my heart drifted away. I had forgotten how it feels to not be depressed, since I’ve struggled with it since I was 7, but it made me feel like all that bad stuff hadn’t happened. I have never reviewed a marijuana strain before, but I sought this out to let people know how wonderful it is, and hopefully to let the growers know how much I appreciate them cultivating it. It’s a complete life changer.

Good flavor, nice energetic high, major munchies, major crash.

I picked up 3.5g of this, by Artizen, harvested 11/1/16, purchased and consumed on 12/9/16. It's the worst strain I've ever consumed. The buds were very small (the largest in the package being almost big enough to cover half of a nickel), dry, and not at all resinous. It has a pleasant berry aroma, until you grind it. Then it loses all of its sweet, berry smell, to be replaced entirely by a distinct skunky odor. The flavor is also distinctly skunky, a little piney, and - you know what? The flavor is just awful. And, when I ground this bud, one pass through my grinder made it almost as fine as the screen over my kief catcher - which is a lot more finely ground then I'm used to. But - it is the perfect grind for an MLFB. So, I tried it in mine, and it sucked. It tastes bad, it smells bad, and it doesn't get me high. In fact, about all it did was make me nauseous. Now, I've also smoked cannabis from Artizen before. I picked up a quite nice gram of Dutch Hawaiian by them from Emerald Haze a week previous, and it was marvelous. I'm hoping that this is just a bad experience from this package, or that possibly this dispensary buys it at such a low price that Artizen are unable to give them good product, but I definitely won't buy anymore.

Pretty good stuff. By far the best smelling product I've had yet. the high could be a tad bit better though

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