Exodus Cheese Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 18%

Exodus is a sativa dominant strain and is a cross between Skunk and Cheese. With a 40:60 indicia/ sativa ratio it creates an impressive 18% THC level and packs quite a punch. Keeping this in mind, it is quite potent and is not recommended to first time medical marijuana users. The name itself explains its aroma as it smells like mature cheddar and is carried over into the flavor as well. The smell will no doubt stink up the place and the taste is quite terrible as it is earthy, mossy with pine undertones. But if you do plant to smoke this strain, it would be a good idea to do so in the night. Exodus Cheese is one of those strains provides a damp aftertaste. After smoking the strain, you will feel a sedating stoner feeling set in. It is one of the reasons why patients prefer it and also because it is effective at treating several medical conditions including anorexia, depression, stress and chronic aches. However, you have to make sure you smoke the right dose in order to avoid experiencing dry mouth and dry eyes. But then again, its pros outweigh its cons.
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UK here this strain is great after a long day at work just helps unwind to the right level

Found this for $25/ eighth out at Miller's Marijuana. REALLY liked it for a 17% THC strain, which is low considering. But the low THC was nothing more than false advertising (like pricing weed by THC% always will be). No, this exodus cheese woke up everyone's olfactory sense in the house... Pungent sweet and the smell rolled right into the taste, I would give it 5 stars on taste and smell alone, the 4 stars comes because the high was a bit light for me but it did seem to hold for a long time. I see some stores selling this for over $50, maybe it is just me but I haven't smoked anything worth that pricing, so if you want to try it on a budget, look around, you should be able to find it at most decent shops (if they don't carry it, I assume they are not that great of a shop to begin with, simply because they don't make an effort to secure product from the better farms.)


See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings--Opening the jar just explodes a dank, complex smell. The scent is very pungent with sour edges to it and there is a bit of a weird funk around the edges of the smell that could be called a cheesy smell. Breaking the buds up the smell becomes incredibly more expanded and hugely more complex. There are exotic flower notes, with a sharp pungency of marijuana. The crystals on this stick to your fingers and everything else they touch. I sucked the trichromes off my fingertips when I was done and it was a sharp citrus - delicious.--Smoking this is definitely smooth. This is like velvet that moves into your lungs and brain of it's own volition. The flavor is beautiful, it's clean and slightly citrus with mouth-watering swetness on the exhale. There's none of the wretched greasiness of typical cheese strains. I'd call this Old Lady Weed for it's smoothness alone - but the high is pretty heavy duty.

One of my favorites! I am able to get this at my local dispensary. The description of it above is right on! I use it at night for sleep. If you find this strain, it is worth getting. It addresses my sleep & pain problems!

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