Flo Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 14% - 17%

Flo is the distinctive variation of a hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This has been rated #1 in the 'Cannabis Cup' of the year 1996. This strain was created by crossing Purple Thai with Afghani Indica. This medical marijuana strain got its nickname for its remarkable ability to harvest numerous times. Also, this strain is considered to be one among the high yielding plants. The sativa/indica ratio of this strain is found to be 60:40. The THC levels of this strain have been calculated up to 14%, while the CBD is 0.26%. This strain appears to be pear-shaped with a huge number of purple-colored calyxes. The aroma produced by this strain will be sweet and sour like that is being produced from a lemon. This would taste light as well as lemony without any souring and the flavor would be more or less like a lemon drop. This has been found to be an effective alternative therapy for the conditions like pain, anxiety disorders, stress disorders, muscle spasms, loss of appetite and insomnia. This does not mean that the strain can be effective in treating the aforementioned conditions only. The effects of Flo are indicated as mild and energetic.
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Glad I found it again. It's as close to perfect as I've ever found.

Great for muscle spasms. Similar to "crystal coma" and "memphis belle".

Decent, with good smell and flavor. It cut my pain levels down, but not for a long period of time like some strains. So a morning joint of this with your cup of coffee, would make for an easy start to the day.

Nice a clean strain to shelf

Not impressed. I was looking for high CBD and this was suggested, wish I hadn't spent the money

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