Hippie Crippler Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 20%

Hippie Crippler is an uplifting hybrid strain where the Sativa variety is dominant than the Indica one. It is created by crossing Blue Satellite with AK-47. It looks like a leafy moss and has a dull, deep green color. Hippie Crippler has a very strong taste, which is a mixture of sweet pine and other earthy flavors that make it a pleasant strain to smoke. It has a pungent, but sweet aroma that instantly uplifts your spirits. Its THC level is around 20 percent. It instantly affects your system and makes you feel energetic and euphoric. It also helps you focus and be more creative, so you can get your jobs done easily after smoking Hippie Crippler. However, increasing its dosage can also make you bleary-eyed and giddy as most people aren't able to tolerate it in higher concentrations. Hippie crippler is excellent for treating chronic pains, depression, muscle spasms and injuries pertaining to the spinal cord. It also has soothing effects on anxiety, nausea and migraines. It does produce a few side effects in some people. These include dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety and sometimes paranoia. Other than that, it is absolutely safe for you to use and is especially useful for patients suffering from joint, limb and muscle pains.
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Pretty Damn Good. I didn’t expect much but it had a delightful and euphoric blueberry taste and hazey feel. Lulls you to sleel.

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Cerebral, Creative, HappyHelp Me With: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, DepressionFlavors: Blueberry, Candy, Gas

This is the kind of Sativa I like. Got this as some concentrate from Rare Dankness in Colorado. This one messes me up hardcore. It's an extremely spacy head high that makes things very difficult to do because I keep zoning out every few seconds. Love it.

As a farmer in Southern Oregon, this strain is one of our favorites to cultivate! Cherished genetics kept pure locally provide for a great yielder with epic 6 week bloom time under the right conditions. Does stellar in soil and hydro, as our side by side comparisons have proved. If you see this at a strain, get it!

I got 7 grams of this in live resin many months ago and I absolutely enjoyed it!! The taste was irresistible and the high had me chillin

Hippie Crippler is in my top 3 favorite strains.

Smells like Cheese to me, pungent. The actual taste is hard to describe, not in a bad way though. Its got traces of the smell which again for me is very similar to cheese and hints of herbal spice. Very pretty nugs, colas are covered with white trich-snow with crazy swirls of orange hairs. After further use I've found that the crippler doesn't make me sleepy and it is very good functional all day smoke for pain relief without the drowsiness or couch lock.

Hemp didn’t get any high. Seemed like bunk. Not good. Looked amazing but no buzz 🐝

This strain is excellent other than Clementine my favorite..It has great medical properties..If u have chronic fatigue or bi polar spectrum disorder and your in a down phase its a major positive..has mood stabilizing properties ..pharmaceutical drugs destroy your body and your soul..The scent from this strain is so pungent u can have in a sealed jar and the smell resinates through your home..

This Strain other than Clementine is my favorite as it's uplifting and if you have chronic fatigue or bi polar spectrum disorder i would recommend if your mood is in a down cycle..i would say its a good mood stabilizer ..better than what most use u know the pharmaceutical poison that creates long term damage and destroys your body .. .

I would smoke this everyday If I could. The effects are almost instant and lasting it will. Hippie Crippler is the shit.

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