Maui Sunset Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 20%

Most patients would have to travel far to see a real Maui sunset, and the same is true of the marijuana version. It's a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of at least 70:30 and as much as 90:10. That means the effects probably focus primarily on the head. But it's impossible to say for sure without actually trying Maui Sunset, since there's next to nothing about it on the public record. There are no reports on its medicinal uses, though anxiety and depression are usually good bets. Likewise there are no tests indicating how much of this plant is THC and how much of it is CBD. If it were an especially potent medical tool, there would probably be more information about Maui Sunset, so the lack of it suggests it's not high in either chemical. It probably shouldn't be used as the only treatment for seizure disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD, given the lack of reliable data on that substance. Nobody seems to know what this strain smells, tastes, or looks like, but there are likely tropical notes.
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Im from Spokane Washington. Got the weedies Maui sunset kief which tests out at 21.6 THC /.5% CBD.. Been smoking bong loads of this kief today. Love it, nice relaxing euphoric high, no anxiety, no paranoid thoughts, relaxed mellow high... HIGHLY recommend!!

Great for people who lack appetite.

This strain just hit Northern California Medical Dispensaries. Flower test results are coming back at 26.8 THC(!!!!) and 0.11 CBD. With THC levels around that area, these particular batches are probably around 80/20 sativa-dominant. The moderate CBD content keeps it from being too heady, and adds a nice mellowness. Definitely a potent strain with mainly cerebral effects. I wouldn't suggest a beginner start with a strain this with a THC content this high, but should definitely be considered as a top-shelf option for those looking for potent daytime medicine without the anxiety that can come with some pure sativa strains. Maui Sunset is one excellent example of what a sativa-dominant hybrid should be. I don't have any CBN content numbers, but will come back if I happen upon that info.

I too got the wax in Washington that tested at over 90%, it's a good mellow high, very focused but without anxiety or edginess. Gonna go enjoy this.

Maui Sunset was a wax from Kettle River (WA) when I tried it. Very mellow, but uplifting. I liked the energy, but still got a level of laziness that felt like Haze. Very nice, and this wax tested at 90% THC.

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