Pineapple Purps Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 100% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 17%

Pineapple Purps, also known as “Purple Pineapple,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created as a powerful cross of the insanely popular Pineapple Express X Purps strain bred to capture a high THCVA and average THC of up to 17%. This bud has an insanely delicious taste of sweet earthy pineapple with a hint of rich berry wine upon exhale. The aroma is very similar with an earthy sweet berry that has an undertone of tropical fruit. The Pineapple Purps high is incredibly psychoactive and energetic with a powerful uplifting onset that can be overwhelming at times for users who are less experienced or if you smoke too much at once. This high immediately launches your head into the clouds and keeps you there for the entire length of the high with jolts of motivated energy and focus. Because of this powerful cerebral high, Pineapple Purps is said to be a perfect strain for treating patients suffering from appetite loss, chronic stress, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic pain. This bud has large airy dark forest green spade-shaped nugs with a thick covering of dark olive green leaves, rich purple undertones, thin dark purple hairs, and a thick frosty coating of white crystal trichomes.
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picked up some purple pineapple in concentrate form, a very nice sugar / sap with an amazing scent reminding me of Chernobyl. It doesn't taste like the smell instead it tastes to me like blackberry kush. a very quick acting cerebral buzz takes over and after 1 hit I am already feeling medicated. I would have to give this a 4/5 stars

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