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Pinnacle Northwest is a cultivator and grower of cannabis. View the strains from Pinnacle Northwest that have been tagged on dispensary menus on AllBud.

Pinnacle Northwest Producer

Garilla glue #4 does have some of the toast taste but overall for $9 a gram well worth it. I have bought $15 grams that I couldnt even smoke. I would pay up to $12 a gram. I bought 5 other grams and will review them as I smoke them

Got a gram of Hindu Kush wax by Pinnacle NW and it is horrendous. Tastes like burnt crackers every hit, tried on a rig and a nectar collector and went as low temp as i could to the point where the oil didnt evaporate and instead i was left with an oil coated burnt taste for 20min. it was dark, did not solidify even being in the freezer for 6 hours. pure garbage. hate being low income having hit or miss waxes like this. Bought from Gypsy Greens Chehalis.

Dutch treat grown by northwest pinnacle is by far the best dutch ive come across yet! Best flavor for sure

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