Compassionate Distributors - Ruidoso

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1970.3 miles, Medical, Storefront
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1216 Mechem Dr Suite 2 , Ruidoso, NM, 88345

Operation Hours:

10:00 am - 4:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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How is a place called compassionate when they charge a car payment for bud. So I guess patients who are in need of medicine with actual medical conditions can compassionately not afford bud in New Mexico. Leaving this state!

Well I don't know any of your employees. I'm not from here. I just moved here about a year ago. Well anyway I been using you're dispensary for about the pass six months and the service has been really good. But the past month and a half maybe two months the service has been terrible. I been thinking that maybe the lady's where having a bad day, but it gets werse every time I go in. The lady I think her name is Jen or something she is really making me take it personal since she is the one that has been waiting on me almost every time I've been in there. Daylight and Dark is the difference in the service the past month or two months now.Its a good thing I'm not a mystery shopper. And post it as the reviews

MOLDY POT!!!! WARNING!! MOLDY POT!!! Smell your pot carefully! I did not even think to check my purchase from CD. At first use, I was happy that I did not get the munchies from CD'S pot. Over the course of several days, my symptoms gradually worsened. Burps, excessive spit, and nausea followed. Still, I did not suspect my pot. Finally, I spent an hour and a half vomiting and dry heaving. I went to Ultra Health and described my symptoms. "Moldy pot", they said. I couldn't believe it! When I got home I immediately checked my CD pot. I could cearly smell mold. So, don't be stupid like me. If you have to buy from CD be careful and smell the pot. Shame on you CD!!!! Selling MOLDY POT to the sick and dying!! And I trusted these people. Shame.......Shame.

14$ gram top shelf bud is not “top shelf quality. Seems de-keefed. Concentrate supplies are often unavailable and their oil isn’t strain specific. Shit in shit out. I’m hoping there is another option soon

Dispensary has good buds but I’m new to the area and would like to try some buds from the streets of doso! Somebody be so kind and get ahold of me ! Thanks haha

I am very thankful for the ladies help. they were very knowledgeable in my need. and to the other customers in the room, they received the same kindness and help. ask questions. they know their products.

Awesome people really helpful good cannabis and buds I love this place good job guy Thank You

Crappy bud mildew smell and de-kiefed most certainly

very nice! all outdoor bud, very therapeutic. lots of selection. awesome staff. boss super friendly and knowledgeable. i go every 2 weeks. way better deal than my local guys. prices are right! check these guys out!

These 3 angels have helped me through one of the most difficult time of my life. Not only was I fighting cancer, chemo and taking care of a very sick bedridden mother. Due to their knowledge, compassion, intelligence, kindness and professionalism my mother is no longer on hospice with my heart breaking over our former situation of " making final arrangements" but she is now up, around restoring and even able to help me out and take care of me in what ways she can as I have been thru so many rounds of chemo, surgeries etc. What a blessing this place and the seemingly tireless "angels" . Thank you Lord. May all the crap you have suffered due to peoples ignorance and "illnesses" dissolve with the ending if this year and may all the blessings that are stored up for you come to you in this coming year. Because you all so wonderfully "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT" (2 Timothy4:7) by your service (Psalm 104:14) I know that the coming year will bring you this (Isiah 40:31) THANK YOU MISS BRAIDS,CUTIE PIE and MOMMA ANGEL. THANK YOU FOR HELPING MYSELF AND SO MANY OTHERS on our path to getting well. 💜🌈🌠CHEMO GIRL 88😊

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