Golden Goat Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 16% - 23%, CBD: 1%

Golden Goat which was created 'accidentally' is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This was created in Topeka, KS when the male Hawaiian Romulan happened to pollinate the female plant of Island Sweet Sunk. Golden Goat is known for its bright green samples with pink colored pistils. The strain appears to be small golden pieces that are dense and coated in a sheet of adhesive resinous crystals. This is one among the sativa dominant strains with THC level and CBD of 23% and 1.07% respectively. The aroma of Golden Goat will be like the combination of spicy and sweet tropical fruits. This particular strain is attributed as effective in treating a host of chronic conditions like stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain. Although this strain is identified as an effective alternative therapy for these conditions, the number of treatable conditions is not restricted to only these. The effects of this particular strain are extremely strong and can be felt all over the body. And, the effects would last up to 1-2 hours. This would be a good strain to take for breakfast.
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This is a wonderful sativa, in my opinion. Lovely aroma and flavor, with uplifting and somewhat energetic effects.

This Golden Goat is the shit!! My favorite..I feel so much energy it's like Adderall, feel focused, really happy, no pain whatsoever,no fatigue at all..You can take this so get anything done.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I'm a multiple sclerosis warrior, this strain causes me happiness, pain relief, energy, and positive energy

I lit my first joint at 16, I am now 45. I suffer from anxiety, back pain, insomnia and occasional depression. I like this strain, It solved all my troubles. Give it a go.

Golden Goat is probably more accurately at 4.75/5.0 and that is exceptional for a hybrid. Everyone and their experiences are unique... lots of variables. That said, hybrids of today are potent but lack the subtlety of the old landraces, in my opinion and as a general rule. Present day strains hit hard and fast, and their Indica and Sativa components can be felt almost distinctly rather than perfectly melded. Golden Goat is an excellent example of a well blended hybrid. The high is energetic, racey, cerebral and it is natural to be productive, creative and happy. It is a 65/35 Sativa/Indica mix of Hawaiian Romulan (potent Indica) and Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa mother), so the body effects are definite and strong but do not detract and in fact, are a superb enhancement. The full effects are long lasting and here's the kicker... No crash! Never did I feel sleepy or lazy... very stoned but cleared headed and clear eyed. The high fades so incrementally that unless one is constantly "medicating", you may notice the high even the next day. Once discovered, I went back and bought as much as I could.... even though they were down to grams. And that's the name of that tune. On my scale, Golden Goat is Moby Tripper weed.

A strange peculiar high, but worth every penny, it was prepack even, sativa high, clear, focused, energetic, I felt happy and relaxed! Give it a go!

The review is spot on .I've been looking for the golden goat. And on top of the mountain, I was introduced.very happy. Mine seemed to be around 20% THC. Nice sativa. I LOVE LEAFLY

Golden Goat is a delightful strain for beginners and old heads alike. Comes on with a nice burst of energy. Great for creativity or getting work done. Worked well for neuropathy, but not so well for back pain. Everyone experiences strains differently, but I can say that this one is definitely worth a try.

Looking at Golden Goat for the first time took me back about 30 years. The buds have modest density and prevalent orange pistils that seem to dominate the trichomes. What I got came from Bloom County, I think it was a small bud batch that tested around 25%. The strain has a nice blend of smooth and uplifting qualities, I found it to be a pretty clear and sociable high with very little danger of overdoing it. I was glad that I picked up a few cartridges as well, it's a good one for the bar.

Golden Goat is an uplifting yet smooth strain that offers nice sativa effects without any anxiety. It's very popular at my dispensary, and is definitely one of those strains that you need to grab quickly before it sells out!

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