10 Best Cannabis Grinders of 2018

10 Best Cannabis Grinders of 2018

Cannabis grinders are an indispensable part of your marijuana toolkit. Small and lightweight, they sell at low prices.

What do you do with a grinder? If you’re going to smoke, you must reduce your buds to the texture of cigarette tobacco. The grinder does that cleanly, completely, and cheaply.

Your cannabis is at its best when cut finely. The cutting releases active ingredients in the cannabis and makes the product more uniform and smooth.

What to look for?

Avoid plastic grinders with parts that could break off. Otherwise, you will find grinders in wood, aluminum, titanium, and other metals.

  • Classic grinders come in two pieces, a chamber and a lid with cutting edges to grind the buds as you twist the top. They are a fast and simple way to grind product.
  • Other grinders come in three or four pieces including cutting edges and sieves. Typically, these pieces create a multi-level chamber that grinds buds into several finer consistencies without losing THC particles.

This provides an easy choice. The 2-piece grinder offers convenience, and the 3-4-piece grinders optimize the process.

10 best cannabis grinders of 2018:

Most of these grinders are found easily at online retailers.

1. Space Case Grinder Titanium catches more kief than other grinders. The scratch-proof titanium needs no cleaning other than a light dusting. It will last more than 10 years, and still, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

You can choose a larger size, but the medium version goes for $34.99 at Amazon.com.

2. GR8TR is a customizable, multiple piece grinder. You use the interchangeable plates to grind the exact consistency you want. It comes with several storage chambers to hold your grinder’s breakdown.

You can buy variations on the GR8TR from $75 to $89 at Kannastore.com.

3. Santa Cruz Shredder is a simply-configured 4-piece grinder. It grates “medical grade” product, perfect for convection vaporizers. The anodized finish is 10+ years durable and warrantied.

The medium Santa Cruz Shredder goes for $79.95 at SantaCruzShredders.com.

4. Phoenician Grinder is a large, Rasta-colored 4-piece grinder. Medical-grade aluminum, it is designed with grip edges to make grinding easier. The lid even includes an ashtray and clip for papers.

The Phoenician Grinder does not come cheap at $109.99 from PhonecianEngineering.com.

5. Sharpstone 2.0 is a sleek 4-piece grinder with a good reputation. It grinds consistently for 5+ years and catches a lot of kief.

A bargain at Amazon.com for $20.94.

6. Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinder has a patented design for dual-action, radial cut teeth.  Rare earth magnets create a tight closure. And, a bead-blasted exterior makes it damage proof.

The 2-piece version sells for $39.95 and the 4-piece grinder goes for $62.95 at CaliCrusher.com.

7. Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is good for producing the fine grind for convection vapers. It requires pre-shredding because it will not hold buds. Made of wood, it will grind product to fine dust for vaping.

Artisan-built and hand-finished, the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is priced at $28.60 on Amazon.com.

8. The Space Case makes a variety of grinders. Heavy duty and titanium-finished, The Space Case is a 4-piece device with sifter and pollen catcher.

A 2-piece version is available at $27.99 from the manufacturer at SpaceCaseGrinders.com which also prices the 4-piece item at $69.99.

9. Compton Grinder 2.5 has a classic 2-piece with an easy-grip, easy-twist top. The aircraft-grade aluminum uses a Neodymium magnet to secure the top with its razor-sharp cutters. Anodized aluminum ensures its lifetime warranty.

Amazon.com lists the Compton Grinder 2.5 in cobalt blue for $71.39.

10. The Golden Bell is a low-priced choice among four-piece grinders. Slick and functional, it comes in an attractive box. It packs four pieces in two inches, but it still performs. A poly-o ring makes grinding easier by reducing friction, and its zinc alloy construction reduces damage.

You can buy The Golden Bell for as low as $7.49 from Amazon.com.

What the 10 best cannabis grinders offer

Grinders are a necessary tool for cannabis enjoyment. They let you grind and reduce your purchased cannabis to the texture you want for smoking joints, using pipes, and opting to vape.

  • Cost: Grinding optimizes your product. It saves all parts of the product and turns part into alternative uses. For example, the grinder produces the “tobacco” for your joint. But it also produces the rich kief you can use in so many other ways. Keeping all the virtues of the cannabis plant, the grinder saves waste and money.
  • Potency: When you grind product, you produce evenly cut pieces with maximum surface for slow and even burning.
  • Sifters: The 3-4-piece grinders include sifters that help regulate the size and quality of your by-products like kief.
  • Sticky Fingers: Grinding keeps your fingers out of it. It keeps them from “walking” away with trichomes and potency.
  • Texture: Grinding releases the elements you seek in taste and aroma as it converts buds, flowers, and leaves in the texture you want to roll. Grinding is easier than breaking things down with your fingers or razor blade.
  • Time: It takes just seconds to grind product, much faster and convenient than scissors, fingers, or blades.

Your take on the best cannabis grinders

Even high-end grinders are affordable for most. But, all grinders work pretty much the same way. You place your buds into the grinder and twist the top for a few minutes. The cutters built into the lid shred the buds into the flakes you want to roll.

In 3-5-piece grinders, the powder and debris filter into a container at the bottom, so you maximize your outcome by processing the product and saving all the elements.

When you shop, you might consider the materials, durability, and warranty. You might inspect the shape and placement of the grinder blades, and you might emphasize the seal’s tightness.

Good grinders are priced comfortably to have a few around the house to grind coffee, tea, spices, and other herbs. Just keep your cannabis grinder separate.