10 Dabbing Tips for Beginners

10 Dabbing Tips for Beginners

Dabbing cannabis concentrates presents some problems. People dab because of its high potency experience. That experience puts cannabis virgins at risk of psychotic events. It is not a good way to join the canna community.

These dabbing tips for beginners should help people move into the experience they expect. However, cannabis consumers will step up to dabbing once they have dealt with other forms of consumption and built up some tolerance. Even then, beginners should not start dabbing until they understand its operation and risks.

10 dabbing tips for beginners

  1. Inspect the dab rig. Users should completely understand the dabbing rig, parts, and functions. Many rigs vary operation, some with more controls and features than others. However, in principle, the dabbing rig heats a tiny bit of cannabis concentrate on a nail until it creates vapor in a bowl that users inhale.Dabbing avoids the carbon and carcinogens resulting from smoking joints and pipes. Processing eliminates those elements when producing concentrates. Also, concentrates do not have the woods, fibers, and organic plant materials of cannabis flowers or dry herbs. Cannabis concentrates contain significant potency in retaining the critical cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

  1. Know your concentrates. The many dabbing extracts vary in effects and utility.

  • Shatter. Processors use CO2, Ethyl Alcohol, or Butane to purge the cannabis of undesired materials. The production leaves an elastic, honey-colored material that will shatter like glass when dropped.

  • Budder (badder): Makers whip shatter into a creamy result. Whipping the shatter at a low speed and temperature will add air to the product, creating a cake frosting texture. The budder remains strong in flavor and aroma because it retains the terpenes. However, it takes some practice and appropriate tools to transfer the buttery texture to the dabbing nail.

  • Crumble. Dried Budder turns out a waxy, crumbly texture that you will find easier to manage than Budder.

  • Others: You can also use cannabis Crystals, Rosin, or Live Resin. Effects and experiences compare favorably. Some deliver more potent experiences; some handle them more easily than others. Beginners should seek advice and feedback from regular users. 

  1. Watch and learn. Beginners should not plunge into dabbing. They will only screw it up. Operating the rig presents some complications. For example, unless the dabbing rig is all-electric, you must heat the nail with a butane blow torch. This procedure takes some agility and muscle memory. The torch and heat involved have burned many users.It would help if you had some lessons and practice before going it alone. It might mean taking the last turn when everyone uses the same rig. It may mean confessing that you do not know what to do. You can also watch DIY YouTube videos.

  1. Handle the stuff. Manipulate a cannabis concentrate by hand to experience the texture, flexibility, and stickiness. You will handle it while dabbing and need to know how it feels.Grasp and handle the blow torch, getting a feel for using it in different positions. If the dab is all-electric, read the directions and practice using the temperature controls.

  1. Start small. Users should not take repeated hits in close sequence. One good inhale of potent cannabis will last for some time. That means you will be shutting down the rig and restarting it over time.With electric dab rigs, you can program the temperature that works best for you. You should not raise the heat on the nail too high, or it will burn or evaporate the concentrate. If you torch it, you will let it cool for 30 seconds to a more effective temperature. 

  1. Use the carb cap. Rigs come with a carb cap. The lid goes on top of the nail. Once you apply the concentrate to the nail, the carb cap will sustain the temperature and trap the vapor in the rig’s container.Again, handling the concentrate, torch, and carb cap take some dexterity. However, if you start with a canna buddy, you can take lessons. Using the carb cap reminds you of using your finger to cover the hole in your bong. 

  1. Clean the parts. You should have a butane or isopropyl alcohol supply to clean the rig and its components. It would be best to clean the nail after each dab; otherwise, the burned concentrate will ruin the next dab.If you use the rig with others, you will enjoy your experience as they take their turns. Everyone will get what they want out of the vapor produced by a single dab. You let it cool down for an hour or more before cleaning the nail. If you do not repeat the dab, you must also clean all the other parts using cotton swabs, lint-free cloths, and alcohol. You might put cleaning off to the next day if you are still high.

  1. Hydrate frequently. Concentrates produce a “purer” cannabis effect. Depending on the cannabis strain and the concentrate type, the experience will increase the side effects, including bloodshot eyes and dry mouth. You can offset this with repeated water intake. You might also have munchies handy, some veggies with high water content. 

  1. Keep tabs on your dabs. Because of the heightened potency of cannabis concentrates, you will feel the hit quickly. You do not want to hit the dab inhale as frequently as you might manage a joint or pipe. One take alone may take care of you for the night.You should not dab alone, and when you do dab with others, you should share safe words or behaviors that respect each other’s fun and concern for each other’s welfare. You have the best sense of what happens in your mind and body, but you should listen to others as well.

  1. Follow etiquette. If you dab with others, respect their needs and expectations. Most participants will know their tolerance and limits, so you do not want to mess up a good time. Users can get totaled while dabbing, and a few chase that dog every time. However, you want to inch your way into this potent experience as a beginner. You need a way out when things get too much to handle.

People have been dabbing cannabis concentrates in one form or another for eons. It has its pluses. Dabbing assures a clean inhale and potent high. It can provide powerful relief for those seeking medical marijuana therapies.

However, beginners must read up on the method and take advice from an experienced user. You want “an experienced user,” not your average couch-locked stoner. You need instruction from a conscientious buddy who does not skimp on the advice or firsthand instruction. Anything involving butane, torches, and heat presents a safety risk.