20 Best Gifts for The Stoners in Your Life

20 Best Gifts for The Stoners in Your Life

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your stoner friend, there are many options available today that will make them ecstatic. Shopping for a stoner is a very simple task if you happen to live in a state with legal marijuana, just walk into a dispensary and pick something out! For those looking for something specific, here are 20 of the best gifts for your cannabis consuming buds!

1.    Concentrates - if your friend is one who enjoys to dab then cannabis concentrates are always a good choice. There are a wide variety of shatters, budders, waxes and other extracts available on the market today in a variety of strains.

2.    Dab Rigs- dab rigs are essentially a bong that is utilized for vaporizing cannabis extracts also known as dabs. If your stoner friend likes to dab, I'm sure they would be thrilled to have a new dab rig.

3.    Grinders- Grinders make for an incredible stoner gift if your stoner friend likes to smoke the herb. Grinders allow for consumers to perfectly grind their herb before rolling and smoking.

4.    Pot Box Subscription- there are many different companies today that are offering monthly subscriptions for boxes of stoner goodies delivered to your doorstep each month. The average price is around $30 a month.

5.    E-Nail- Enails are a very handy gadget for the dabber stoner in your life. There are titanium nails, ceramic nails, and others on the market today, but e-nails are all the rave.

6.    Dabsolute Concentrate Pen- This very conservative concentrate pen is 100% made in the United States and offers a lifetime warranty. If your Stoner friend is a dabber, this is a pen they will be sure to love.

7.    Clothing- Stoners are always sure to love new clothing especially clothing that compliments their hip cannabis lifestyles. Hoodies, beanies, and t-shirts are always an excellent choice.

8.    Magazine Subscription- Every stoner loves to stay up-to-date on the culture and happenings surrounding cannabis so why not get them a subscription to DOPE Magazine or High Times to help them stay informed and entertained?

9.    Rolling Tray- A rolling tray is an essential tool for any smokers collection. Rolling trays come in many different styles and materials and will make any stoners life easier!

10.    Pre-rolls- pre-rolled joints are available in many different strains and are an affordable, quick, and easy stoner gift that will be loved by any toker!

11.    Marijuanopoly- this board game puts a twist on the classic Monopoly game and is completely centered around marijuana.

 12.    Kush Card- a Kush card is a great quick gift that is like a greeting or birthday card, but it comes with an attached Kush doobie.

13.    NORML Membership- NORML is the oldest cannabis advocacy group in the US so if your stoner friend is an advocate why not help them help the cause?

14.    NugTool- The NugTool is like the Swiss army knife for Stoners. It includes all the tools and gadgets that you need to help make your smoking and toking experiences the best they can be.

15.    Stoned Girls Calendar- if your Stoner friend happens to like Stoner chicks then why not get them a kick ass Stoned Girls calendar?

16.    Event Tickets- there are many events surrounding cannabis each year including entertainment events as well as business conferences. Why not get your Stoner friend tickets to one of these events?

17.    Food/Gift Cards for Food- let's face it every stoner gets the munchies, and we all love food. About the only thing better than free weed is free food to a stoner.

18.    Bud- speaking of free bud why not get your friend some ganja? This is a gift that any stoner will love.

19.    Bowls- From Himalayan pink sea salt pipes all the way to hand blown glass, there are some beautiful pieces at affordable prices on the market today.

20.    Dispensary Gift Card/Cash- can't decide what you want to get your Stoner friend? If all else fails, there are some dispensaries that offer gift cards and if not just give them some cash and the enjoyment of picking out something cool themselves!