6 Benefits of Using A Marijuana Delivery Service

6 Benefits of Using A Marijuana Delivery Service

At first thought, the idea of having cannabis delivered directly to your door might seem like a movie scene from Half Baked, but in 2019 the only thing more innovative than cannabis consumption itself, are the people who partake in its benefits. Naturally, the full spectrum of lifestyles means a whole new delivery demographic for Marijuana as a whole.

It really comes at no surprise why companies like GrassDoor Marijuana Delivery have been operating highly successful marijuana delivery in Los Angeles. For many of us, the reasons why someone might choose delivery over in-person are very much the same for any service.

Whether you’re buying that new item from Amazon or simply ordering pizza, delivery saves time, energy, and even provides users with a certain safety and satisfaction we can’t get from the hustle and bustle of in-shop buying. Either way, some of us might be new to the marijuana delivery experience or just have questions surrounding the process in general.

Reviews by Real People

Just like anything service-related, we all tend to look at reviews. When you’re in a shop, you generally get pretty honest feedback from the budtenders. However, nothing compares to the rawness and realness of the person who can hide behind an unbiased phone or keyboard. The consequences are the result: free unbiased opinions on your next potential delivery service. It helps to leave positive reviews too! Don’t be coy, these companies can live or die by their customer service — so let’s help those who help us.

Safety First

Operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana is illegal and considered dangerous. At AllBud, we are all about promoting a safety-first attitude toward cannabis consumption. Utilizing a marijuana delivery service ensures you are not put behind the wheel or at any risk of being ticketed for driving while under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana delivery services like GrassDoor, prioritize safety just as we do, to ensure the growth of cannabis and marijuana delivery service as a whole.

Comfort & Cannabis

This one might seem the most obvious but it is also one of the most rewarding aspects of marijuana delivery services. Cannabis and comfort go together like peanut butter and jelly, or cookies and milk; we apologize if you have the munchies while reading this. In all seriousness, the reasons why people are choosing to go delivery versus in-person are very much the same for any delivery service. When you can enjoy something without ever leaving the comfort of your own home, that’s big. No lines, no parking, no traffic; all you need is an internet connection or a phone line and boom — you’re in.

Unique Hours

For many of us, cannabis products and marijuana are our medical prescriptions. Maybe you picked up an extra shift at work or a surprise visitor came over and stayed late. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all been there when the closing hours of a pharmacy are upon us. For the best marijuana delivery services, the needs of the hour are always open. With many services, you can order at any time of day with little to no closing hours. It's more than freedom –– that’s revolutionary to medication in general.


Let’s be frank. For thousands of marijuana participants, we partake in the pain-reducing properties of cannabis. Many of us consume cannabis and marijuana for arthritis, for headaches, sleep loss or stress.

While in the past, we might have needed someone to take us to the clinic or put ourselves in an uncomfortable amount of pain to get into a vehicle; but today marijuana delivery service users can get the best marijuana delivered to their door without depending on another person or jeopardizing their bodily state. This is a win-win for everyone.


Discretion is key to many lifestyles who participate in marijuana. Let’s face it, although times are changing for the better, not everyone is open about their cannabis consumption. And that’s totally fine. The marijuana delivery service offers a unique discretion for cannabis buying. No longer will you have to stress about running into that kid’s parent you tutor at the weed shop. The marijuana delivery service is all about meeting your needs whatever they may be.