Alaska Welcomes Marijuana Legalization

Alaska Welcomes Marijuana Legalization
As of Tuesday February 25th, residents of Alaska can now sit back and relax knowing their state has decriminalized marijuana. Last November more than fifty-three percent of Alaskan voters approved the legalization of personal use and cultivation of marijuana.

Though the new law isn't nearly as lax as Colorado or Washington, it does grant individuals aged 21 and up to own and smoke marijuana in private residences along with growing up to six plants per residence.

It should be noted that smoking marijuana in public spaces in still illegal and will be strictly enforced by state officials. Individuals who choose to ignore this law will be issued fines upwards of $100.

Soon we can expect lawmakers to begin establishing licensing requirements for individuals who hope to commercially produce marijuana or engage in retail sale of the plant. State officials will have up to nine months to create and decide operating rules and hopefully issue permits by February of 2016.

In the meantime, let's give Alaska a big applause because as of now they are the third state in the country to legalize the personal possession of marijuana by adults. However, we can also expect Oregon who passed similar legislation, to become the fourth state in the nation allowing for personal use of marijuana. The new law is expected to take effect July 1st, 2015.