Best 10 Vaporizers for Cannabis of 2018

Best 10 Vaporizers for Cannabis of 2018

Vaping is fast becoming the cannabis consumer’s favorite means to enjoy. It’s cleaner, more convenient, and discreet.

It is favored by users who want the oral satisfaction of smoking, those who prefer vaping to rolling a joint, and those who want to smoke at their convenience, even in public.

Vaping is smoother, easier on the lips and throat, and more fulfilling than burning weed. Vapers claim the flavor is richer and the aroma denser.

With the increased popularity, you see hundreds of competitors hitting the market with new and rejuvenated products.

Here are suggestions for the best 10 vaporizers for cannabis of 2018:

1. DeVinci IQ comes with a hefty price. But, it’s multiple features and precision heating puts it among the “smartest” vapers out there.

DeVinci IQ is for ground cannabis only, and its design is rather uninspiring. It’s a rounded rectangle in black, blue, copper, or gray. A SmartPath feature offers preset temperature ranges that increase by 20°F when it hits a preset point. The gradual heating intensifies the cannabis effect. A Precision mode heats to a preferred precise temperature between 250°F and 430°F.

You can control the fully “smart” vaper with apps for Android and iOS.  And, you’ll appreciate the durability and reliability.

2. Gaia Lynx is smart and utilitarian in appearance. Sleek and textured, its brush aluminum finish has chrome accents. And, it looks and feels like a box mod in your hand.

A clear LCD display sits on the side with two temp adjustment buttons. But, the unique feature if the Lynx’s quartz operation, the only one on the vaper market. The quartz oven works at convection and conduction to better heat the dry cannabis.

3. PAX 3 comes from one of the most reputable manufacturers of vapers. And, this one may be their most user-friendly. You can use it for concentrates or dry herbs.

The sleek, slim, and palm-sized PAX 3 connects to your phone to manage precise temps. It heats up in less than 20 seconds and uses convenient oil pens slipped into the polished aluminum case. Several mouthpieces and oven lids add to its versatility.

4. Firefly 2 is a handsome design in a magnesium alloy. Your Firefly 2 comes with two batteries, USB charging dock, and a complete cleaning kit.

Apps connect the vaper to your Android or iOS device for temperature management. And, it has six heat settings — five for dry herb and one for concentrates. It will hit 400°F in three seconds and 420°F in five.

5. The Crafty is a Storz & Bickel product, one of the best in their tradition. It’s great for sharing because. unlike those listed so far, you can pack it for four. The Crafty engineering has excellent airflow that passes through a cooling chamber before hitting the lungs.

The Crafty is industrial looking, larger and bulkier than some. Standing 4.5” tall, 2” wide, and 1.25” thick, it’s black plastic design molds form and function. It charges on a USB connection and heats expertly to create flavorful vapor.

6. Stiiizy is a work of design art, slim, shortest, and sophisticated. A long-lasting battery recharges on a USB connection; there are no buttons; and, it requires the use of Stiiizy cartridges which are not available everywhere.

Pre-filled and full-flavored cartridges snap into the battery and light up with your first puff. Stiiizy pods routinely test for high (85%) THC content, a major attraction for some users.

7. Atmos Jump is a thick pen available in black or a variety of colors. It’s a convection heater for dry herbs with some unique features for the low cost.

The well-constructed Atmos Jump comes with a 5-year warranty and a long 1200mAh battery life. You pack it, press to single button three times, and you are vaping away.

8. Puffco Plus’s wax pen is the most elegant shape on the market. There are three fitted pieces in this slim and sleek pen, especially in its glossy gunmetal casing. A mouthpiece sits above a heating chamber

It extends a dart into the wax to keep the fluid against the warmed sides of the ceramic bowl. The third piece is a large ceramic chamber for the cannabis product, heating from the outside without a heating coil or wick.

9. Source Slim XL is compatible with most atomizers. Stainless-steel construction has a massive 1800mah capacity with almost 3x the charge of pens in the class. A silicone container lets you stash product for travel convenience.

In fact, it comes with a travel kit including a quad quartz coil for big vapor and a coil-less ceramic chamber for good flavor, a carrying case, and cleaning tools.

10. Arizer ArGo is the most recent generation in a line of Arizer products. Arizer is sticking with its market and packing additional features into its small powerhouse. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, it has a glass vapor path which makes it slightly delicate.

Arizer ArGo has a 18650-lithium ion battery you can replace or recharge with its USB cable. There’s nothing fancy here, but you get a well-engineered, classic performer for a reasonable price.

The best 10 vaporizers for cannabis of 2018?

Calling the best 10 is a bit of a coin-toss. There are so many on the market and coming to market. It makes the call challenging. However, you will find most vape stores are congenial and willing to listen to your shopping interests.

They will point new vapers in one direction, experienced users in another, and help every customer find a best product per price.