Canadian Licensed Producer INDIVA Ltd. Has Acquired 15% of DeepCell Industries

Canadian Licensed Producer INDIVA Ltd. Has Acquired 15% of DeepCell Industries

The latest news coming out of the INDIVA Ltd. camp is that the licensed producer has acquired a 15% equity ownership in Seattle-based technology development company DeepCell™.  The agreement sees INDIVA granted exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell DeepCell’s complete line of cannabis industry products in Canada.  This includes DeepCell’s cannabis infused “Ruby™” sugar products, which are produced using DeepCell’s patented Crystal Fusion™ technology. 

Crystal Fusion™ technology is able to mechanically fuse cannabinoids with sugar or salt, thus creating stable, water soluble crystals.  This revolutionary technology is unique because it mechanically fuses cannabinoids, instead of relying on chemical fusion (additives).  This enables the production of all sorts of additive-free cannabis infused consumer goods, such as pancake or drink mixes, candies, savouries, topicals, supplements and isolates. 

It’s important to be able to deliver the benefits of cannabinoids without the need for dried flowers, concentrates or tinctures.  This is because these typical delivery methods contain additives that are required for cannabinoid extraction, and can alter the effects, taste or quality standards of cannabis products.  This is especially true of the cannabis edibles market.  Also, while much of the population is interested in the many benefits of cannabinoids, they may not want to consume cannabis flower or tinctures and concentrates containing additives.  The cannabis industry has been slow to progress in creating a standardized way to get “pure” cannabinoids into food products for consumers, something which the Crystal Fusion™ technology is able to accomplish.

For INDIVA Ltd. it is also important to diversify their approach of providing cannabis products for customers by thinking outside the box.  Crystal Fusion™ technology allows for virtually limitless applications, especially in food products where some of the largest growth potential lies for the cannabis industry.  Becoming a leader in the cannabis food and edibles market is a great way to achieve growth and success for the company.

“To compete with the gray and illegal cannabis markets, we believe Canadian law must evolve beyond dried flowers and tinctures.   INDIVA’s relationship with DeepCell reflects our strategy to become a product leader in Canada and a platform for international growth for non-plant touching US cannabis brands,” says Koby Smutylo, COO of INDIVA Ltd. 

Kelly Ogilvie, CEO of DeepCell stated that, “DeepCell is pleased to partner with INDIVA and is looking forward to Canadian consumers having access to its convenient and wellness focused cannabis products when permitted under Canadian law.”

INDIVA and DeepCell share a similar “cultural outlook” in terms of product quality standards and brand growth potential.  This agreement makes a lot of sense and will provide benefits to both parties.

As cannabis laws liberalize in Canada, INDIVA plans to expand its product ranges into the cannabis edibles market and other cannabis products.  As global cannabis laws follow suit, INDIVA will continue to build on its base of Canadian operations and keep moving forward to becoming a recognized global cannabis brand.  Innovations like those provided by DeepCell Industries will allow INDIVA to establish themselves and offer essential products for the global cannabis market.